Progression of Pantocrator mosaics by Yury Yarin: 2002, 2002, 2018. A major reason why I commissioned the 2018 Pantocrator was because Yury hadn't revisited the subject in 16 years, as far as I know. I wanted to see what an additional 16 years of experience would bring to the table. The first two were commissioned by and for churches, mine was simply for curiosity's sake, with a strong feeling of responsibility to step up in the absence of any other patrons.

I've just commissioned Joey Colombo (@jdotcolombo) to create a work about Bitcoin, paid for with BTC! After getting a message from @francispouliot1 about Bitcoin art I started thinking, "I should sponsor a collection of Bitcoin art." Joey was the first artist who came to mind, and we got a project rolling over DM. Bitcoin is changing the world, and Bitcoin art and culture is a HUGE part of the movement.

I want to be the Pineapple Fund of living artists :)

From start to finish, here is the full, uncut, 38-minute documentation of Yury Yarin's assembly of the Pantocrator mosaic that I commissioned in January 2018. It was completed April 2019. I'm working on time-stamping each process in the YouTube comments.

Absolute madness. I'm thinking it's better to focus on commissioning smaller objects for a while, lol. Mosaic by Yury Yarin (

Johann Sebastian Bach: Die Kunst der Fuge BWV 1080 / Musica Antiqua Köln

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