Where the plebs and maxis at?

I’m not following enough of you yet!

the absence of americanhodl is deafening lol

ORANGE PILL in the house. (At least I think we are . . . )

Nice we're up about 2,200 accounts since a couple days ago

People in 2031 will be in awe at how many sats you can buy with at only $35,000.

Don't take this price for granted.

It's a life-changing opportunity if you make the most of it.

This is my 20-minute documentary on art patronage if you haven't seen it! This is what I want to do with over the next 50 years.


TIL there are people on YouTube that ONLY listen to music tuned to 432 Hz instead of the widely standardized 440 Hz:


I got half the followers in a day on Mastodon than on Twitter in two years :bitcoin:

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