@lain this is like my work from home every day pack.

I'm not healthy

What is the difference between will power, tenacity, and perseverance? When does a difference appear between those characteristics?

@Liora pretty old but some interesting information regardless

@Heloday the same world where humility is seen as weakness

@nic now bundle it up into a consumer investment product

@mwlucas my thought: "right-wing" people have a tendency to value what's "natural," or really, what's traditional and instinctual to them. I think it's human to feel bad about rejection, and avoid things that feel bad. Accepting that the dating market places low value on you is kind of finally rejecting yourself. This is hard and painful. Intuition might lead one to avoid accepting that one has a low value. It's maybe unlikely you'd improve your value if you can't see how low it is.

@mattodell tusky has been great for me so far. Only complaint is that occasionally it stops loading until I restart the app, and I don't know if that is even caused by the app itself.

@mattodell oh, definitely, I see the IPO as a way of saving themselves. I was more curious about why you personally think it will be good for Bitmain to lose it's dominance.

@BitcoinBelle seriously though, I just think "toot" is kind of a lame alternative to "tweet." I get that it's supposed to be a reference to an elephant using it's trunk as a horn. Maybe there's a better word? I wonder if an Asian or African language has a good word for the sound of an elephant.

@BitcoinBelle I suggest that we instead have "mouth flappys," "finger scribbles," "thought squabbles," and "phoneme exchanges"

@btcFUD haha. That should be the word for retweet

@badger @akmur @Gargron I'm a web dev that's been into Bitcoin on the side since 2011. It's the crazy liberal politics from silicon valley that drive me nuts. Let's focus on building cool stuff that works and try to leave social issues aside

@mattodell I don't disagree, but can you elaborate on your reasoning?

Hopefully this could lead to less centralization.

Can we vote to change "toot?" The word "toot" is what my childhood Sunday school teachers used to mean "fart"

@Dennis @btc what I've personally realized around the past year is that hardcore Bitcoin "zealots" are not in it for the money, they create value to bring everyone into a better future. This is contrary to many crypto/blockchain "zealots" that are mostly just trying to secure their own financial security

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BCH is selling off: BCH/Bitcoin down to 0.085 😅

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Amazing to see ppl dumping LinkedIN. It’s just spam and trash. Where the “experts” are 🙄

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