Can we vote to change "toot?" The word "toot" is what my childhood Sunday school teachers used to mean "fart"

@chasevasic Maybe instead of TOOT! we have a SHILL! button?

@btcFUD haha. That should be the word for retweet

@chasevasic We should also stop having "conversations" as that is the word for "sexual relations" in early translations of the Bible.

@BitcoinBelle I suggest that we instead have "mouth flappys," "finger scribbles," "thought squabbles," and "phoneme exchanges"

@chasevasic You can totally create a platform that calls them that. It's a brave new world.

@BitcoinBelle seriously though, I just think "toot" is kind of a lame alternative to "tweet." I get that it's supposed to be a reference to an elephant using it's trunk as a horn. Maybe there's a better word? I wonder if an Asian or African language has a good word for the sound of an elephant.

@chasevasic what is another sound an elephant would make? a chortle?😂

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