It's here! v0.9.3 “Federal Qualitative Strengthening” was just released!

You can download it from Github, Docker or the Ubuntu PPA 🚀⚡

The release announcement has all the details about and :

If, like me , you're stuck at home this weekend, why not help test the upcoming release v0.9.3 of ⚡?

I think developers will find our experimental onion messages and offers support super exciting 🚀

fyi: i adapted the "backup" plugin for c-lightning to implement real-time incremental database backup over a TCP socket (can be used over a SSH tunnel, onion service, …)

New year, new release 🙂

I just tagged the first release candidate for v0.9.3 of c-lightning.

Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to help us test the new version

Wondering if we could eventually switch from Github to a pure Git-based system, like git-appraise, i.e., tracking issues and pull requests as git notes. That'd allow us to simply build tooling on top of git instead of going through a centralized web-service.

Not the easiest to get users to use, but with good gateways exposing a simple UI to users could bridge that gap.

Would you use something like this?

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