That's right! @tulsadao is collaborating on cool local events, helping the music artists get paid IN BITCOIN and demonstrating onboarding + self-custody.
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FREQUENCY x @tulsadao with Manta Rays + @DJSuperP Friday at 6pm. WOMPA 3306 Charles Page Blvd.

Heart goes out to all the GPU miners, especially some of the really altruistic youtube creators who have shepherded newbies this past cycle and now have to stomach the bottom falling out.

For anyone interested, you can run Twitter Spaces on PC/Mac w/ @bluestacksinc & use your good mic + internal audio.

Looking forward to talking mining tonight with the @RealSupDucks gang 🦆
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Last week @ogdave621 gave us some technical analysis on popular crypto mining companies in the space! 🤝

This week Dave is joined with bitcoin accelerationist @cbspears from Nakamotor ✅

( 9/28 @ 5PM PST! )


Bitcoin mining is one of the "greenest" industries by energy makeup, why do other industries, particularly ones with less green energy mix, not seem to have the scrutiny that Bitcoin mining does?

I encourage all Bitcoiners to tune into this spaces today. Ask PRODUCTIVE questions and not HFSP stuff.
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Here are 3 ways you can participate in our @TwitterSpaces Q&A with @CostaSamaras46:

➡️Fill out this form:
➡️Send a DM to @business with your question
➡️Tweet your question during the Space with the hashtag

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Bitcoin is coming to a pivotal juncture in price action as bears failing to drive price below key levels of demand.

Now approaching the most key trendline that if broken most likely sends BTC to $25k.

Sup, I'll be talking mining with one of most fun communities in the space, @RealSupDucks 🤝 @ogdave621
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Hosted by: @ogdave621
W/ @cbspears
You won’t wanna miss this! 🦆

It's called the Boston Coffee Party now

Orange pilling boomers w/ @MattMoore_Ok on Oklahoma's largest radio station this afternoon to talk Ethereum Merge, how Proof of Stake differs from Proof of Work, and how I'm excited to finally stop calling it "crypto mining".
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🚨What is dollar milkshake theory? How is the merge impacting ? Sep. 25th @ 5pm CST on 🇺🇸’s  focused show, @cbspears w/ @nakamotor_ joins us to explore this! Spon…

Interesting gem on public mining cos from someone outside the traditional mining sphere. Looking forward to future insights from @ogdave621 as he wraps his head around Bitcoin* miners.

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ESG investment criteria is finally changing as many feel the pain of Oil & Gas divestiture.

ESG is no longer the bully in the room as investors give way to a new narrative: Energy Security
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Looks like M&A is back for oilfield services! We dive into what we're seeing on the deal front these coming months.

Halliburton becoming an ESG investment is a prerequisite for the Bitcoin network to be carbon negative.

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