Looking for a bitcoin intro video for a 20-year old from central Asia. She’s smart and curious but not particularly technical and her English is good but not great.

Any recommendations? Something 5-10 minutes long would be ideal.

Looking for resources that track and compare cities & other jurisdictions in terms of their friendliness.

A way to keep up with the Wyomings and Miamis of the world.

A teleport.org for bitcoiners. Anything out there?

But this growth is hard to see if it's not charted out explicitly. It would be good to see a cleaned up version of the blue line below directly within the Bisq client.

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It would also be good to support visualizing the number of trades that occur.

This number keeps going up as well. For example, with nearly 5,000 trades, January 2021 was Bisq's best month ever.

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.@Bisq v1.5.5 shipped with support for charting USD-denominated trade volumes.

Previously volume charts were denominated only in BTC.

Toggling to USD gives a better sense how much more value is being transacted over time.

I wrote up a few ideas about what I’d like to see for decentralized bitcoin crowdfunding at twitter.com/cbeams/status/1356.

What’s the state of the art? What’s out there that’s bitcoin-only and focused on funding FOSS? I’m aware of Gitcoin, what else?

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New Bisq version, v1.5.5
- Offers can be automatically deactivated if price reaches a certain limit.
- Cash by Mail payment method added.

Download at:

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Chris Beams @cbeams
Replying to @cbeams
- HTTP-native micropayments on @ghost using @lightning
LSATs, 402 Payment Required &

@BTCPayServer for @ghost memberships as an alternative to Stripe
- Sat-backed Medium-style "claps" on

- Podcasting 2.0, pay-per-play with LN,
@sphinx_chat, etc.

RT twitter.com/cbeams/status/1356

Looking for a way to get macOS notifications when the predicted fee rate falls under a certain value. Could for example be a simple menu bar app that polls the @mempoolspace API. Any recommendations?

NEW POST: How Cloudron's app store model simplifies self-hosting


I'm also considering running my own Mastodon instance, but I wouldn't want to be disconnected from the "Local" view here where I can browse all bitcoinhackers.org posts. Is it possible to subscribe to a selection of instances for your local view? I haven't seen the option.

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Cool to be back here on Mastodon and see all the recent activity and follows.

Looking to catch up on best practices re clients and bridging to Twitter. Links and recommendations welcome.

I'm using Amaroq on mobile and the web client on desktop for now. Haven't set up any Twitter bridge, not sure if I will.

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Love #FOSS and #privacy, but are still using #GoogleTranslate?

Give an open equivalent, #OpenNMT (Open Neural Machine Translate) a try! There's a live #translation page (similar to Google Translate) at:

...or contribute at github.com/OpenNMT/OpenNMT (comes in #Lua, #Python and #TensorFlow variants)

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Helped a friend buy bitcoin for the first time today, without involving a custodial exchange. Not your keys, not your coins!

+1 bitcoiners out there!

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Bisq v0.8.0 is out, with some big new features:

- Local / face-to-face trading
- iOS and Android mobile app notifications
- HalCash as a new payment method
- Privacy improvements


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@Seccour the conversations here are different, so I feel like the platforms serve distinct purposes

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Finally releasing the first episode of my animated series exploring common Bitcoin topics from an approachable (and maximalist 😉) POV.


Congrats on this interview, @jw.

Mathbot is a perfect example of the kind of parallel systems we need to opt out of what doesn’t work and opt into what does.

I’m grateful to you and your team that my kids will have it available to them.


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Grab your scuba gear (or at least a big mug of coffee!) because in Episode 25, Adam Gibson (@waxwing ) is taking us on a deep dive into how UTXOs work and using that knowledge for advancing fungibility and privacy in Bitcoin.


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