Love #FOSS and #privacy, but are still using #GoogleTranslate?

Give an open equivalent, #OpenNMT (Open Neural Machine Translate) a try! There's a live #translation page (similar to Google Translate) at:

...or contribute at (comes in #Lua, #Python and #TensorFlow variants)

Helped a friend buy bitcoin for the first time today, without involving a custodial exchange. Not your keys, not your coins!

+1 bitcoiners out there!

Bisq v0.8.0 is out, with some big new features:

- Local / face-to-face trading
- iOS and Android mobile app notifications
- HalCash as a new payment method
- Privacy improvements

@Seccour the conversations here are different, so I feel like the platforms serve distinct purposes

Finally releasing the first episode of my animated series exploring common Bitcoin topics from an approachable (and maximalist 😉) POV.

Congrats on this interview, @jw.

Mathbot is a perfect example of the kind of parallel systems we need to opt out of what doesn’t work and opt into what does.

I’m grateful to you and your team that my kids will have it available to them.

Grab your scuba gear (or at least a big mug of coffee!) because in Episode 25, Adam Gibson (@waxwing ) is taking us on a deep dive into how UTXOs work and using that knowledge for advancing fungibility and privacy in Bitcoin.

This GitHub issue is the main discussion about getting identity / account portability into Mastodon. It's a long thread, but there's momentum, and people are narrowing down approaches now.

A list of some Bitcoin (/Cryptocurrency) accounts with proof-of-ownership to help get you started.

Looks like a lot of people want to #DeleteTwitter and try out #Mastodon! 👍 👏 🎉

If you know someone who wants to make the switch, here are some resources to help them:

Official Site

How does Mastodon work?

Mastodon info incl. mobile apps

Twitter-style interface for Mastodon

Mastodon Crossposting service
(M -> T currently blocked by Twitter, but T -> M works)

Anyone here using the latest @Purism laptops and/or have early access to their forthcoming phone? Been thinking of making the switch away from MBP / iOS for a year or so now & might pull the trigger soon. Would love to hear experience reports.

Interesting side effect of the ; We are exposing a ton of other people to that may not have been otherwise.

Learn more here


@kelbie has created a github to help fight against Mastodon imposters.

This is a pretty solid use case for a proof for Mastodon as well.

Greetings, I am Chi. I am a developer interested in privacy and cryptocurrencies. Currently contributing to, a decentralized crypto exchange and possibly new way of collaborating on projects.

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