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is NOT

- Bad for the environment
- Ban-able
- Affected much by shitcoinery
- For criminals
- A fad
- Replaceable
- Replicable
- Hackable
- "Too volatile"
- Vulnerable to Quantum computing
- Owned by the miners
- Susceptible to 51% attacks
- Involuntary
- Political

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Because Bitcoin is the only way the people can protect themselves against the massive ongoing theft.

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I could never believe one year ago what we have to live in now - pure totalitarianism. We are not allowed to be independent from the state (everything is force closed killing small businesses), we are not allowed to go where we want and when we want. It's like living in a nightmare that is real and knowing that this is the beginning of it. I'm grateful for our friends that stands with us, and those few that rebel against the tyranny and for Bitcoin, the light in this unnecessary darkness.

The only way to make a better world is peaceful parenting and to defend our property rights, best done with a sound decentralised monetary system (Bitcoin) and our planet will be saved as a consequence of that too.

What's the best Bitcoin wallet for an iPhone?

I'm finished with twitter. Hope this is a good place to learn more about bitcoin!

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