how it started:
trying to define bitcoin

how its going:
bitcoin defines me

current events are pushing the world to finally become really decentralizes.... messaging, social media and finally money...

"If unlimited borrowing, financed by printing money, were a path to prosperity, then Venezuela and Zimbabwe would be top of the growth tables."

fuck this concept of leveraging imaginary stuff has not worked out with fiat and it want work out with said that so few people see that

Just Thinking about creating a real privacy focused peer to peer online marketplace to buy and sell no KYC/AML/etc... I think creating on- and offramps is one of the most important challanges we are having in this eco system. Any thoughts?

dont get distracted by pricedevelopments. Price will follow Value. Value is created through Technology which ensures Bitcoin is better than any other form of Money in existence.
BITCOIN is already

Just some work on the side and a few billion people will start using it in the next 10 years and change the way the world works

MULITBILLION USD SCAMALERT. Bitmains IPO is the biggest Crypto Scam ever. They are going to burn a lot of old economy investors who think they are buying shares from a crypto Mining Company. Truth is: These guys are buying 1 Million Shitcoins plus there core product (S9) is not a state of the art miner anymore and has lost 85% of its value in the last months! This will be a huge shitshow and I am afraid Jihan Wu is going to hurt the whole crypto eco system a lot when this shitballon bursts!

@samourai_official So far the only walletmaker (i know) who understands the important values of bitcoin. Its not hard actually:
1.) be transparent/open source
2.) focus on security
3.) protect users privacy (= ensure/enable fugibility)
4.) Focus on and not on satisfying as many different shitcoinholders as possible
5.) KISS - Keep it Simple Stupid

Spread the word and help others to understand whats important and how to store/use Bitcoint! Education is the key to mass adoption!

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