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People who say bitcoin is too complicated have not spent any time trying to understand the clusterfuck that is fiat currency and central banking

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The ECB is scared because they know they can’t compete with

First Schiff and Nouriel schadenfreude with the :bitcoin: price drop was a sure indicator of the bottom.

Now Peter Schiff in ranting mode is a sure indicator the bull run is to continue.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Love the smell of ECB fear in the morning.
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ECB'S LAGARDE SAYS BITCOIN NEEDS REGULATION is super dead! I want to read all that Conspiracy stuff, but it's impossible...

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Never forget that Germany was a democracy before Hitler was voted in. The state is a tool for evil people to use however they see fit.

Welcome new influx of Twitter exodus.

This is a free speech safe-space, keep it legal and non-spammy and we should all survive.

There is no privacy here, this software was not designed with that in mind, govern yourself accordingly. Note, running this stock & best effort basis.


PS: keep your corn safe

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Ahead of the Ugandan election, we're hearing reports that Internet service providers are being ordered to block social media and messaging apps.

We strongly condemn internet shutdowns – they are hugely harmful, violate basic human rights and the pr…

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