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If you're in EU region and looking for a auto-DCA, I'm currently trying out @Relai_ch. Looks promising at first sight, I'll report back with my findings.

So how do we bully nocoiners from here now? 😅

On this day in 2009, @halfin became the first person ever to receive a transaction from "Satoshi" ,it was also the day that he famously tweeted to the world "Running Bitcoin"

Thank you Hal.
Rest in Peace Satoshi.

If you don't buy Bitcoin for ideology, buy it for asymmetric investment.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to secure your offspring's future, buy it to gain financial independence for yourself.

If you don't buy Bitcoin to end tyranny, buy it for free speech.

Fuck Twitter
Fuck Central Banks
Fuck Elections

Let's go Bitcoin

The global monetary system is collapsing in slow motion while Bitcoin is accelerating at its' fastest pace in 11 years.

I feel like I'm looking out the window of a bullet train.

Big brother is watching you!
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In a report, Deutsche Bank details that it expects central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to “replace cash” and “help disintermediate the banking system,” but that in order to do so, countries must “overcome” cultural and “privacy norms.”

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