Do you think Trump won the election? 馃

@buzzlightyearz yes! But it doesn鈥檛 matter if you have any evidence to prove that you won. The tyrants have control of all aspects of govt. and when that happens you are no longer free. Now they say they have proof that he incited a riot yet have no proof of that. Once you wake up to see it. You understand these ppl have no interest in democratic principles. Same playbook as Hitler. He took Germany from within the govt first.

@hanakookie I feel you, I just wanted to see if we might being bias cause Biden is a total crook.
Maybe other Bitcoiners have their own discerning from the events.

@buzzlightyearz the only thing left for the US govt is a managed decline. The US is still going strong. But the govt is pretty much done on the world stage. It鈥檚 not really a right or left issue. The ways of empires died mainly due to the internet. Things like Mastadon are what they can鈥檛 control. Lots of Martin Luther moments happening fast

@buzzlightyearz the relationship between political bullshit and bitcoin is pretty loose. Do you think we could run this poll exclusively on birdsite instead?

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