Speaking of LN, the Fortune article says Bakkt will operate on a second layer solution "closely resembling ... the lightning network." I'm very interested in finding out how 'closely' and what that means for wider adoption. A successful implementation of this magnitude could open the doors to LN channels between major institutional trading houses, banks, hedge funds, etc. globally. And poof!* just like that, SWIFT and USD hegemony are no more (*I know, I know it'll be like 10+yrs, I can dream).

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With the drama over the delayed ETF this week I feel an important story got buried in the process. I know it's old news now, but I want to redirect everyone's attention back to the announcement of Bakkt and a related article about the vision of the people/company behind it. If you haven't already read this article, you should: fortune.com/longform/nyse-owne. Think of the possibilities for Bitcoin adoption/use e.g. BTC trading pairs against commodities, bonds and other financial instruments... huge!

For anyone interested, the Crypto Key Stack 3-pack is here: cryptokeystack.com/collections. I'm not associated with them in any way, I just like the solution and thought it worthy of sharing.

I really enjoyed the article about metal bitcoin seed storage by @lopp a few weeks back; bit.ly/2M5xfmD. I wanted to share that you can buy the Crypto Key Stack in 3-packs which is great for a 2 of 3 backup solution. Meaning plate one has words 1-6 & 11-12, plate two has words 3-10, and plate 3 has words 1-2 & 7-12. This allows one to rebuild the entire phrase with any two plates. If you store each plate in a separate location you now have added protection against loss or theft!

Great thing about these consecutive down days is when you finally see the small relief rally in your Tradingview watchlist. Seeing all that green makes me feel like I just had a shower... Mmmm +0.61% never felt so good.

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