The Russian Central Bank has suggested a ban on cryptocurrency mining and usage in the country.

It cited the speculative nature and energy usage of cryptocurrencies as primary concerns.

Another exchange has been hacked.

Almost 400 accounts were affected in this latest breach which saw BTC and other cryptocurrencies stolen from users.

The @BTCMiningCoun has released their Q4 2021 bitcoin mining data review.

"Bitcoin mining consumes just 0.14% of the world’s energy production. It has a higher sustainable energy mix than Germany, the EU, the United States, and Canada."

Proof of work mining is facing unprecedented pressure from governments and regulators due to its perceived wasteful energy use.

However, it appears that most politicians and regulators do not understand this nascent industry.

"If the value of goes up, then this endowment could last forever."

@dfuhriman CFO of The Campanile Foundation at @SDSU.

This year's @MicroStrategy for Corporations conference will feature @Jack as a keynote presenter.

The conference aims to share information to corporations who are considering adding to their balance sheet.

It will be held on the 1st & 2nd of February.

“[ is] the most exciting, interesting thing in the financial universe.”

- @saylor

1 / The House Committee on Energy & Commerce will hold its hearing on "Cleaning Up Cryptocurrency: The Energy Impacts of Blockchains" today at 10:30am EST.

The witnesses are:

@AriJuels - Professor, Cornell Institute
@jbelizaireCEO - CEO, Soluna Computing

Ripple teams up with US Government agencies to fund and produce research against 's proof of work consensus mechanism.

Digital banking and lending platform @MiloCredit joins @hodlwithLedn in being amongst the first companies in the world to offer -backed mortgages.

The @ln_strike CEO @JackMallers recently used tortilla chips, raisins, and peanuts to explain current payment systems to the @imf and how is a better alternative offering virtually free and instant settlement.

Intel Corporation $INTC has signed a supply agreement with bitcoin miner @griid.

This comes just a day after news broke that Intel would be announcing its bitcoin mining "Bonanza Mine" chip at an upcoming conference.

The latest tranche of the @Blockstream Mining Note (BMN) to be sold on @BFXSecurities takes the total investment in BMN to almost $50m.

$SQ @blocks, with @Jack at the helm, continues to lead the way for bitcoin adoption in the mobile payments sector with its integration of Lightning Network into @CashApp.

Canadian MP @PierrePoilievre's recent speech made waves amongst advocates.

Poilievre was praised by bitcoiners, some of whom were reminded of ideas previously discussed by @saylor and @saifedean, amongst others.

Canadian MP @PierrePoilievre's recent speech made waves amongst advocates.

Poilievre was praised for the delivery and substance of the content by Bitcoiners, some of whom were reminded of ideas previously discussed by @saylor and @saifedean.

The Fidelity @DigitalAssets 2021 Round-Up Research Report has been released.

In it, the company says it would not be surprised "to see other sovereign nation states acquire in 2022 and perhaps even see a central bank make an acquisition."

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