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Why in the holy FUCK do Ball Park hot dogs have corn syrup in them?

We’re still in the stage that’s equivalent to rudimentary web browsers that recently implemented the image tag. Most people are asking “why would I ever use this?”

I wonder if social media goes fully decentralized someday, will it still be possible to become an “influencer”?

Are we all going to come back to Mastodon now?

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Could it actually be so poetic that a company named GameStop is what brings this crooked system to a halt?

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Michael Saylor "People can go f**k themselves, they can't take your

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If you earn Bitcoin and save it, you've given more to society than you've taken.

This is good. Bitcoin savers are good.

Bitcoin makes more people good.

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This is going to be the funniest 4 years in human history.

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Literally the day that Biden is getting sworn in, the WHO issues an official warning on the risk of false positives in PCR tests for COVID-19 due to overly high cycle counts.

Funny how science is replacing fear now that Trump is out...

It might be time for me to learn how to use Lightning


Warming up to XRP

For all you new people here, check out @adam and @Johncdvorak. There’s a lot of overlap between these communities.

My friend is telling me not to try to catch falling knives

If y’all are following me on Mastodon because you were following @btcsam on Twitter, I’m not the sam person. Sorry to disappoint LOL.

I’ve gotten a bunch of new followers over the past few days. Honest question: how are y’all finding me? I make no effort to promote my profile. Thinking I should return the favor to others.

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