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Now I am just glad I changed my mind on Bitcoin and saved my savings.


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Has anybody started a legal defense fund? I assume those guys don’t need it (being so early means they are likely to be way richer than most of us), but it is a way to show the devs that the community stands behind them.

They’ve done a lot of good to us, time to give back.

Tesla’s Bitcoin adoption is good news.

Miami, BNY Mellon are x1.000 better. Ultra conservative entities now see BTC as safe.

Let my first toot be:

Craig Wright is a fraud!!!

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If we want to communicate that a post has replies, but not show the number of them, it's stretching the limits of what an icon can symbolize.

Currently a single arrow just means "click reply to this post", and a double-arrow means that the post itself is a reply to another. Now you want me to make it an empty arrow if it has no replies, and filled if it does, but I think because it's a button it will make people believe replies are disabled when it's empty. Numbers seem more intuitive there.

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