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Imagine discriminating against mining companies in 2021 and subjectively preventing the purchase of high power fuses when the industry is actively reducing flare gas emissions and balancing electricity grids.


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All you at home miners, if you need help interpreting electricity costs for residential rates, anywhere in North America:

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Free advice, hold more sats, this is the goal.

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Compass Enables Customers To Mine Bitcoin At Home


"We have found that there is significant interest from our customer base to set up operations in their own home."

"Expect the hardware to arrive within two to three weeks of purchase."

"Only available to U.S. customers."


JUST IN - One of the largest mining companies just raised $431 million to expand their operations.

Hash rate increase incoming 📈

The miner's current data center capacity of around 170 megawatts translates into a total hashrate capacity of 3.3 EH/s per second, which the company said it plans to increase to nearly 11.9 EH/s in the next year.

@namcios covers the news:


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Hydropower-rich Laos pushes into crypto as it authorises mining and trading


"Analysts said the move was a logical step for the landlocked, communist-ruled country of 7m, which produces a surplus of power."

"Six companies, including construction groups and a bank, had been authorised to begin and trading ."

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This Machine Greens - Bitcoin Documentary


"A documentary that explores Bitcoin’s complex and nuanced relationship with energy."

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38 minutes.


Looks like countries not dealing with woke green washing mental disease are getting SMRs to work.
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The first of the two high-temperature gas-cooled reactors of the demonstration HTR-PM plant at Shidaowan, in China's Shandong province, attained a sustained chain reaction for the first time yesterday tinyurl.com/drexk6fe

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A sha-shack inspired by @SGBarbour @tech_cricket84 and @BikesandBitcoin. It’s only dropping 10db but most of that is in the obnoxious high registers where it counts. Totally livable in a vented garage. Hit me up if you need one made in MN.


Miners post $1.4B in monthly revenue, BMN breaks 1 BTC, Twitter adding BTC support, El Salvador approves $150M BTC fund, Skybridge calls $100K by year-end, and volatility drops as BTC tries to crack above $50K.


We are very excited to announce a partnership with financial services giant @Macquarie to develop and manage best-in-class, zero-emission mining facilities. ⛏️ blockstream.com/2021/09/08/en-

NEW – $1 billion MVB Financial to integrate "banking and products side by side."

Fossil Fueled Everything


" :bitcoin: — due to its superior monetary incentives — will help producers and mineral owners alike become better custodians of the resource."

"The scam only benefits the wealthy, the institutions and the bureaucrats who administer it."

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Bitcoin miners and oil and gas execs mingled at a secretive meetup in Houston – here’s what they talked about


" :bitcoin: care most about finding cheap sources of , so – with its crypto-friendly politicians, deregulated grid, and crucially, abundance of inexpensive power sources – is a virtually perfect fit."

“Our engineers just informed me that they dug a new well, that will provide approximately 95 megawatts of 100% clean, 0 emissions geothermal energy from our volcanos,” President @nayibbukele shared.

@namcios covers the story:

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