SLP284 @SGBarbour & Fossil Fuels vs Fiat Maxis

Steve and I chat:
- Wind and Solar as unreliable
- compliance costs
- Carbon ESG is it a state attack?
- industry BSing
- @upstreamdatainc & hash hut

The New York State Senate is still considering a proposal that would block mining that uses carbon-based energy sources. But the original version of the proposal has been blocked.


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A bill that would put a three-year moratorium on mining in New York has died due to unions.

"The bill fails to take into account the valid benefits of the technology behind the industry." said the union.

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Some miners are selling off their rigs in Western China, esp. as Sichuan is also suffering power outages due to drought.

ASIC prices are dropping.

F.ex. An S19 Pro 110 T is almost 50% cheaper than a couple months back.

Reseller’s price list from yesterday:

The Mining Council, initially set up by influential CEOs Michael Saylor and Elon Musk, has formally debuted and seeks members.

@namcios covers the details:

With the updated bill, senators appear to have tacitly acknowledged that bitcoin mining can be green, as the regulation would now only apply to operations that specifically leverage carbon-emitting power sources.

@namcios covers the news:

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The activation of Bitcoin protocol upgrade Taproot appears imminent as only 300 more signaling blocks are needed.

Here is the latest on Taproot, covered by @namcios:

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The President of El Salvador, @nayibbukele, has instructed the state owned geothermal electric company @LaGeoSV, to put together a plan to mine  with volcanic emissions energy.

100% clean, 100% renewable, 0 emissions energy.

Godspeed El Salvador 🇸🇻🌋

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Breaking: According to the aicoin, China Xinjiang, Changji, asked the virtual currency mining business all the stop for energy-saving environmental protection. The hashrate of bitcoin network may be declined.

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[...] Inner Mongolia has completely stopped, Sichuan may not stop, so the situation in Xinjiang is more complicated.

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El Salvador’s President is now describing geothermal energy sources from volcanoes that could be used for bitcoin mining within the country.

Energy would be cheap, 100% clean, 100% renewable power. Originally not for bitcoin, but now obvious it could be used for mining.

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Over 200 blocks in a row have now signaled for Taproot.

Lock in is imminent 🚀

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Ross has been put in the SHU (aka "the hole") after a recorded interview he did over the phone with @bitcoinmagazine was broadcasted at @TheBitcoinConf this weekend.

Please keep Ross in your thoughts & prayers.

You can hear Ross speak here:

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