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New location at 124 Main St in Cornish at Cornish Market and Variety.

You can BUY or SELL or here for cash.

Anonymous options available!

Mon-Sat 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Want to get our first ever promo code for ~5% off the price of or ?

Sign up for our newsletter, we will be including this code in a special issue the day before Pizza Day (Friday May 21st) and the code will only be usable on Pizza Day (Saturday May 22nd) at all our kiosks!

Share with your friends, the only limit to this offer is how much BTC we have that day :)

New location in Old Orchard Beach at 141 Saco Ave, Paul's II Variety & Gas.

You can BUY or SELL or here for cash.

Anonymous options available!

6:00 am – 10:00 pm every day.

New location in Old Town at 255 Main St, Side entrance to Subway.

You can BUY or SELL or here for cash.

Anonymous options available!

9:00 am – 8:00 pm every day.

New location at 248 State St in Ellsworth at DragonFire Pizza.

You can BUY or SELL or here for cash.

Anonymous options available!

Mon-Sat 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Pizza Day Events!
Saturday May 22nd

1pm-4pm Stars and Strikes in South Paris ME, in person meetup, there will be pizza of course. The business accepts BTC using BTCPay.

All day, Athens Pizzeria, Thomaston ME, order to go, pay with BTC, get a 20% discount!

Our first newsletter will drop next week. Two thirds of every issue will be focused on education and include a section from "Magic Internet Money" by Jesse Berger.

Sign up:

Right now at 10 locations in Maine. Rate to sell
$56,513/BTC, no fee.
That's 3% more than , , or .
No ID, just a phone number!

New location in Belfast ME at 15 Main St, IMAGES Belfast.

You can BUY or SELL or here for cash.

Minimum: $20
Unregistered limit: $200
Limit with Phone SMS: $2000

Open 24/7!

Store owner Shawna was very excited and is in the process of setting up BTC payments at IMAGES Belfast using !

Things I've tried and would never do again...

- Coinbase
- Giving KYC info for sats
- Use somebody else's node
- Try + convince someone else to buy sats
- Search for 'Bitcoin' on YouTube
- Wait for Tone Vays' buy signal


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Yesterday my dad thanked me through his tears for forcing them into a large position.

Able to buy their dream home last year, now he's also able to pay for the only cancer treatment that has a chance of extending his life.

Don't tell me Bitcoin doesn't change lives!

We need bitcoin!

If you're in the United States or can travel to Maine you can sell us at a premium. We support some banks, credit unions, checks, and preferably CASH.

We typically offer more than any major exchange. At this moment more than 3% over what you buy or sell for on kraken, coinbase, or bitstamp. About a week ago you could sell for 5% over. Our prices are based solely on supply and demand, we are unbanked and do not use an exchange.

We're looking for a full stack developer. Paid in BTC is an option. High preference to anyone who can come to our Lewiston office on occasion, but 99% of work can be done from home.

We're getting ready for pizza day, Saturday May 22nd.

We are planning to host an event at Stars and Strikes in South Paris, with pizza of course, and also discounted pizza for pickup or delivery out of Athens Pizzeria in Thomaston when paid for with bitcoin.

If any other pizzerias in Maine would like to take part please contact us. We can setup bitcoin payments quickly and easily, including online ordering.

Great to see more companies doing it right. We help Maine businesses setup bitcoin payments using btcpay free of charge!

What price will get to in the long run?
There are two possibilities:

The dollar collapses and ceases to be a currency


The dollar becomes backed by Bitcoin and has a fixed conversion rate

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According to sources, VISA requires 149 KWH of energy to perform 100,000 transactions on its global settlement network. The Lightning Network is over 1 million times more energy-efficient than this outdated network. If you are still using VISA I guess that you love wasting energy

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