Did you know we offer completely purchase and sale of your ?

That means no ID, no name, no email, and no phone number!

We have over 30 locations covering and parts of . Please share this post, our advertising accounts have been locked and shutdown on both and .


This isn't for criminals, it's for Americans who support their 4th amendment right to privacy. The regulations imposed to gather customer information is imposed on businesses because it is illegal to impose on individuals. We do not want to be an arm of government enforcement, we support freedom. Only 3 and a half percent of transactions at our kiosks required an ID verification this year.

Why does it matter? Tracking and keeping tabs on what people own has potentially severe consequences, including executive order 6102 signed in 1933 prohibiting the "hoarding of gold" which enabled confiscation of private wealth. Even recently the possibility of an unrealized capital gains tax has many people worried.


Most "bitcoin ATMs" are not KYC free. Our competitors all require at least name and phone number to even make very small transactions. They have no legal obligation to be so strict, but they pander to the regulators and enforcers every whim, enabling some of the most perverse tracking of individuals, invading their privacy.


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