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@btcmaine nice, I'm right over the bridge. Would be nice to get it instantly via LN...

@slackeri386 We will support LN as soon as we can. Unfortunately we've had a lot of problems with a BTM manufacturer that was supporting it and had to move to an open source model which doesn't yet. If we're able to integrate it ourselves we will, but more likely will have to wait for software maturity on the new system.

@btcmaine understood. Interesting. If you want any help lmk, I'm just getting my feet wet with LN integration but looking to take on meatier projects in the next year

@slackeri386 we're using lamassu software now. You could ask them if they're working on it, but if they aren't you absolutely could - it's open source. If we have testing hardware available when you're at that point we could help with that and I wouldn't mind putting some BTC towards it as a bounty paid project.

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