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Guess it's time to renew the push for Mastodon.

Apparently a hypothetical self-defense is a permanent ban from Twitter.

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If you are in Canada I urge with the utmost sincerity to leave the country NOW and move to Mexico or Costa Rica. They will soon never let you leave. Consider that you are about to live under the Great Reset dictatorships for the next 5 years at best. This was predicted in The Sovereign Individual. The time to act is NOW. The establishment is also moving in on the bitcoiners, trust me on this.

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Maybe @AMERICANHODL2 does control both accounts...

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I say AUTOMATIC RECURRING PURCHASES because no one ever sticks to DCA if they have to execute manually.

And no one puts in enough with lump sum.

You gotta choose a healthy amount of your fiat inflow and automatically convert it to BTC.

Set it and forget it. Swan And Chill!!!

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what a difference does 5 years make.
that tweet is shaming me from the past.

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The clown is too busy focusing on race and gender pronouns he doesn't know what strike is.

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Due to the simplicity of the system, we don't have to lay awake at night because someone might've forgotten a hard fork was happening, or because someone did an unannounced hard fork for no reason. People strongly underestimate the value of this.

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@martybent @lukedashjr you said there was talks of scheduling an IRC chat to debate activation methods for core. Has this been planned yet?

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If you listened to the person in the back, you’re now up x15 vs. those who listened to the person in the front

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In the U.K. anyway, idk about other countries, but the U.K. is a total meme economy. Kekistans economic system of monetising rare pepes is more legitimate than the numerous scams the British government keeps coming out with to push house prices up

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If anyone's interested in learning about , I highly recommend this free, 24 course video lecture series brought to you by MIT.

The teacher is professor Gary Gensler - the incoming SEC Chairman. Enjoy.

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A chart that says a lot about today's market

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BTC is an energy sink, not "storage". BTC is a resistor, not a battery or capacitor. You can't design any non-trivial electric circuit without resistors. Since you need sinks anyway, and renewable energy is intermittent and not scarce, why not use those sinks to secure finance?

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Support for @Hodlonaut from the crypto media spotted:

"Hodlonaut Decries “Moral Bankruptcy” of Wright and Ayre"

Talk shit about and maximalists will show up and mercilessly mock you.

You don’t like that shit?

Keep your fucking mouth shut.

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Public Service Announcement:
I sold my in early 2014. I’ve been trying to buy it back ever since. I still haven’t been able to buy back as much as I sold.

Don’t sell your . It’s very difficult to get it back.

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