bought an analog book today
purchased with card and received sats back 👌🏻
cant wait to read it to make sure i am doing this right

Not your keys.
Not your coins.
Not your currency.
Not your trading platform.
Not your freedom.
Not your free will.
Not your choice.
Not your future.

fixes this.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper is now live at

Craigy is not Satoshi!
Fight back!
Be Better!

You’ll Own Nothing And Be Happy (YONABeHap)

is the *exact* normie equivalent of

Have Fun Staying Poor (HFSP)

without the eternal hope and goodwill.

This is your final warning.
The die is cast, good luck.

Let me know

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I have a running @BTCPayServer in testing because I have multiple businesses and would like to accept BTC in all of them

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Does anyone have an opinion on this? The ATM also serves other cryptos which i am not thrilled about ... should i just take one for the team to try to help increase adoption? or hold out until they pay in BTC

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So a liquor store I own has been getting requests from a company to put a Bitcoin ATM in it. Would be the first in my town... They said they would pay a monthly fee and a percentage of sales...told them I would be interested but only if they paid in BTC... Just not that interesting for me to take away square footage for adult candy for fiat $$

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