Because I am writing serious applications right now I had to look into my old life. Haven’t looked at my LinkedIn since going full time rabbit hole in 2017. All I can say is: scary shit. Thank you Satoshi, and everyone that contributed getting me out of the matrix 🙏

@btc_viking linkedin is bluepill central. It’s all Raytheon lgbt outreach and useless HR folks reposting cringe-tier motivational bs.

No wonder the zoomers aren’t on there.

@max302 thats a perfect way to describe it. Everyone is a white vested hero there appealing to the overlords propagation of certain sets of truths, like men acting like women should totally be allowed to compete officially in their sports, or climate change, or Covid. I mean I checked my most recent messages and former colleagues just been trying to sell me their shit. 🤢 😂 but the worst was looking into that mirror of what I once thought the world to be like 6 yrs ago. Thanks satoshi

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