All these plebs joining mastodon and feels really good. Fuck Twitter. Fuck jack and these clowns that call themselves politicians. Free speech is back. Express yourselves. Going to stack some more rn to celebrate. I love bisq.

@evankaloudis @btc_viking this actually isn't bad, so much of the community is here already

@untappedgrowth @evankaloudis yes, it is really cool and folks like @verretor have been here a longer time mirroring their content and tweets, I think even Stephan livera must be here somewhere. Hope you like it more and more ;) no other choice if you like the truth haha

@btc_viking @evankaloudis @verretor what is the back end model here? Who controls the data and the servers?

@untappedgrowth @btc_viking @evankaloudis I'm not only mirroring. I often copy/paste what I write on Twitter but I'm active.

@untappedgrowth @verretor @evankaloudis @giacomozucco there are plenty bots but I have only this one that I currently alter to make it fit my need. Haven’t been able to successfully cronjob this yet, or execute with this shit Twitter dev application which drives me mad.

@verretor look into it, it might save you time and sats ;) you need certain keys but after that it is pretty smooth sailing IMO

@untappedgrowth @evankaloudis @verretor tha data? Well the sign up mail should be with NVK as well as other control regarding this instance on bitcoin hackers. I am not sure what that entitles or if he owns content uploaded to the instance. He shouldn’t as this is federated and I can interact with the content of any person on any instance, but I am not sure.

@untappedgrowth @btc_viking @evankaloudis @verretor @nvk instance owner has all of the data you post, it’s federated so others can reach it but still stored where bitcoinhackers lives. nvk addressed this a few months back ie don’t post shit you want to be private

@cadwgan0 @btc_viking @evankaloudis @verretor @nvk duh this is public space. But that does mean we are relying on the goodwill of nvk to not censor us correct?

Can you link where he discussed it?

@untappedgrowth @cadwgan0 @btc_viking @evankaloudis @nvk I think that he also meant that you had to be careful about DMs too. DMs are private until they aren't anymore.

@verretor @cadwgan0 @btc_viking @evankaloudis @nvk that was always true with Twitter too. They held the God key.

At least now we know who holds it.

@untappedgrowth @btc_viking @evankaloudis @verretor @nvk tried to find it but it was too far back, you are relying on nvk plus other mods to not censor you or let the server collapse etc. DM data also available (not any diff than Twitter etc)

@untappedgrowth @cadwgan0 @evankaloudis @verretor @nvk it’s ok if he advertises the blockclock to me :P but of course we shouldn’t just turn a blind eye as we know how the man with the thumb on the printer will ultimately print, human nature. However NVK incentive to deal with my data should be muuuch lower than jacks.

@btc_viking @untappedgrowth @verretor he's on here for sure. Just gotta get him logged on and posting!

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