Ep 27 of Wake Up is out!

What happens when me,
@Francispouliot and
@bitcoinbrains are on a call together?

Fucking Truth Bomb central.
This is a no-holds-barred episode.
Not for the faint of heart.

Listen, Learn, Share, Sub.


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Alright bitcoin accumulation country 🏰🏔🏖 it’s that time of the week. Take a seat, chill and listen to some pleb talk 🔥 check out my chat with @btc_viking

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Because I am writing serious applications right now I had to look into my old life. Haven’t looked at my LinkedIn since going full time rabbit hole in 2017. All I can say is: scary shit. Thank you Satoshi, and everyone that contributed getting me out of the matrix 🙏

Unbelievable how brainwashed the msm immediately tried to twist trumps cpac speech I to some kinda hate speech while he is stating FACTS.
Transgender have your own league. No one should Be made by law to take part in somone else’s charade.
AGAIN just avoid the MSM altogether💩

Bitcoin exposed gov fiat and its mechanisms.
When trying too hard or too obvious, if force is used, a subject will only surrender temporarily. Once exposed to the method of manipulation it becomes much less effective. The subject will push back.
Fiat is a scam, buy

If you do not own , it is because you don’t understand Fiat.
If you doubt Bitcoin, it is most likely you don‘t understand
Learn about it. Keep learning. This rabbit hole consumes all others. 🐇 🕳 🧠 ⚡️

“Count no man happy,
until his end is known.”

Stay humble, stack sats.

Do not read, listen or watch the msm telenovela called “the news”. Do not trust, do not engage. You pay with your time. The biggest waste of time and attention ever existed. A stage for the politicians to divide and conquer with rhetoric and story instead of facts and reality🤮


There are no handouts. Social democracy is a fucking joke. It’s oppression in the flesh. The government does good for the government, everything else is just a Popularity contest.
keep stacking. Take your energy back And control it with

removes from his bio to pump a shitcoin. Just a reminder to kill your heroes. do not wait for anyone to do the “right” thing. Go ahead and lead by example. Study the fundamentals. All roads lead to

...or have fun staying poor. 🤷‍♂️
It’s your choice.

I keep alienating normies with knowledge, I am not even trying. 🤷‍♂️ By now its like a badge of truth and I wear it proudly.

The whole $WSB thing feels like a social engineering attempt steered towards . First they learn it is not your money, it is their money, then they’ll learn about the importance of decentralization of information and stock2flow with silver, which is a shitcoin. 🤷‍♂️

Rhetoric, no matter how colorful, is not a substitute for facts.

“Avoid the reasoning put forth in the news like the plague.” - Sven Schnieders

This aged really well! Such a good read! 🔥

You are ridiculous if you think this is not exaclty what they want. trying to get you on your knees and say thank you for the bones they throw you. Fucking stack zerohedge.com/political/does-j

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