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Becoming comfortable with discomfort is a kind of freedom.

Looking to take a week trip to Isle of man on the first week of August ( 1st - 5th) . Any related things happening and where are some great places to stay? Thanks in advance plebs ✌️🧡

Loving the new @fountain_app update! 45 mins in to @PrinceySOV Once Bitten podcast with @MrTimothyAllen and I have earnt 114 sats
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Buying Bitcoin feels good but earning Bitcoin for something you do every day feels even better.

That's why Fountain is announcing today that you can now get paid simply by listening to your favourite podcasts.

Fountain 0.4.0 has arrived. Read on👇


Been having a go at growing my own veg the last two weeks. Woke up today with my first couple of seedlings 😁🥦🍅🍓🥕

Love u longtime @coincorner ✌️🫶

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Alright, I have some time this morning....

Comment your @coincorner Lightning Address address below for 500 SATS

Retweet with your Coincorner address for 1,000 SATS

Deploying capital, steady lads....😂 twitter.com/CoinCornerMSW/stat

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My money don't jiggle jiggle, it HODLS

Fuck the monarchy but happy bank hols all, dont forget to stack those sats! ✌️🫶🌞🌞

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LFG! ⚡
Hapoy Friday Gang!
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GM Sats Squad, it’s time! 🥳

We're giving away FREE TO EVERYONE with a CoinCorner lightning address ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Drop your lightning address for 250 sats!
RT with your lightning address for 500 sats!!

Ends at midday (UK)... LFG!!! 🚀

Couldnt help myself
Can't wait to test them out
Cheers @coincorner ✌️🫶

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A statue of Yasuke, an African slave, who arrived in Japan in 1579 and may have been the first black Samurai. bit.ly/3yoqoIo

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Jesus Christ

Buy and save yourselves

"we just create it out of nothing on a screen"

Irresponsible bastards twitter.com/tomselliott/status

Great read 👀,👀,👀,👀,👀,👀,👀,👀👀,👀,👀,👀,👀,👀


Great @BitcoinBRS meetup last night! Great chat with @selfbankt,@Bitcoinshire and everyone else who turned up, Now for the journey home.

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