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Chaincode is releasing videos from their Lightning Residency program a few weeks back

.@giacomozucco agrees fiatcoin is the correct nomenclature for so-called stablecoins

btcFUD boosted now tracks BCash chain splits. Shitfork party on November 15.

Ok, taking stablecoin out of my lexicon. Fiatcoin is clearly the correct terminology.

"Complexity is often a device for claiming sophistication, or for evading simple truths."
- John Kenneth Galbraith

Stablecoin diversity is good because it keeps competing groups more honest, or is bad because the worst conceived/run coins will lead to more failures?

At what point does it devolve into branded utility tokens?

As a non-trader there doesn't seem to be any utility in a stablecoin for me. I would be surprised at the quantity of offerings, except this is the type of thing that seems an easy entry point for legacy finance companies.

You know how when writing about the quantity of above ground gold, there is often a picture of a large cube next to a home for scale?

The network size/power/use/++ of bitcoin needs quantified like that when it is discussed in relation to other crypto-systems.

"Blockchain not Bitcoin" forgets the buy-in costs by those already committed to a network offering what a blockchain actually does: provide censorship resistance.

Illustrating the bought-in network will help convince others to choose it.

@nic One does miss the pro-trolling of twitter around here.

"Mr Roubini sir if you're listening I have two Bitcoin FUD dice that I manufactured specifically for you. I did all the homework, you just have to roll em."

Took @lopp 's recent security talk to heart and did some research on routers that support VPN connections and kill switches.

I ended up getting a ASUS RT-AC68U that has multiple cores and crypto-support onboard for high throughput and set it up today. Setup was pretty easy, as you can import a OpenVPN file from your service provider, but it's just a single page form otherwise. For $150-$200 it adds one more layer of enforced security. Runs Tor too, but haven't gotten there yet.

Happy hacking!

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