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When you converted to sha256, did you avoid encoding the newline character that you get by default?

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The Bitcoin 5th column is real, and growing. Like deep cover Soviet moles but loyal to the ideals of a global individualist movement, not a socialist one.

We collect a regular paycheck, but watch the growing value of Bitcoin with more than idle interest. We might fit in as loyal corporate workers, but are secretly working to overthrow the economic system that allows the bourgeois management class to rule. Our manifestos come from Tim May and Eric Hughes. Builders of the world, unite!

@openoms To me not requiring extra power supplies is a big selling point of the ODROID HC1/HC2 platform even before you account for the fact that it's faster.


I don't know where you pulled the wolf trap art from, but I first saw it in a Stalking Horse post by Ben Hunt on the Epsilon Theory blog. It's great how these old concepts are still quite relevant to our modern day analysis.


Definitely cool to be around a community that is moving quick and building things.

To me, Grin is very interesting because it leaves such a light blockchain behind.


2019-01-29T05:19:35Z UpdateTip: new best=0000000000000000045f1b43e3d0aa912ae75125039346e3c04dabddaf7605d7 height=427348 version=0x20000000 log2_work=85.1968 tx=152469308 date='2016-08-29T08:46:46Z' progress=0.412823 cache=68.1MiB(572016txo)

@makeymake Nice! I'm synching an OROID hc-1 node, started 19 hours ago now and at 19.6%. Just unlimited the mempool size, we'll see if it takes another 4 days.

@fed "crypto law" means immutability of blockchains.

A proper "crypto legal system" in Vlad's view would involve human validation.

@makeymake It's gonna shred a RPi sync time for sure. @TallTim is right to point towards a config generator jlopp.github.io/bitcoin-core-c

@Sosthene Time for some free speech money. Maybe we'll end up succeeding from the ad-driven model.

Great explainer video on what goes into messages during onion routing on the Lightning Network.


@LibertyRex You can move those outputs from Wasabi back to new addresses on the Ledger and no one would know they were associated with the old Coinbase Ledger addresses.

@profispojka The real joke is that they use the word "democracy" to refer to bought and sold republican government which has nothing to do with the idea that any citizen can and should perform any role of state.

@Sosthene Just tried to get a wire in from Canada and after the bank mis-filled their SWIFT forms wrt the bank identifiers and sent CAD when they were supposed to send USD, the wire got recalled. Fell back to my first choice, and future only choice.

After sitting through this shitshow of 'service', I appreciate the ease of getting my blood pressure up just a little triple-checking an address and waiting patiently for an hour.


If you can't pronounce it, you lose.

See also: Spedn.

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