Here's an interview with Alex Mashinsky from Celsius Network where they aim to pay interest on crypto deposits. I'm happy to see services like this come to the space, but what will it take for us to trust them?

@btcFUD that may sound enticing to the normies but I can't ever let anyone hold my btc. That defeats the purpose of controlling my private keys.

@Shekelcoin I have a feeling we may get bitcoin banking someday, maybe complete with interest. I've been wrestling with how much would be worth allocating into such a system for a return that's higher than treasury bills (but with a noticably less sound counterparty).

Gotta remember return of capital is more important that return on capital.

@btcFUD @Shekelcoin
I thought it interesting lending is now built into you click on Bitcoin, you get a "get loan" against your crypto offer.....from Nexo?

@btcFUD I agree we will see btc banking, but who knows. Either way I don't plan on using banks anymore.

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