RISC V Boards in Raspberry Pi like form factors coming soon. Looks like fun!


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The Bitcoin 5th column is real, and growing. Like deep cover Soviet moles but loyal to the ideals of a global individualist movement, not a socialist one.

We collect a regular paycheck, but watch the growing value of Bitcoin with more than idle interest. We might fit in as loyal corporate workers, but are secretly working to overthrow the economic system that allows the bourgeois management class to rule. Our manifestos come from Tim May and Eric Hughes. Builders of the world, unite!

Great explainer video on what goes into messages during onion routing on the Lightning Network.


Listened to Jimmy Song say 'long time preference' (which is the way I like it) and realized long vs short time preference might be core to why people consider bitcoin in the first place. If you are not expecting your money to have to last for the long term, you may well have different allowances in what you'll put up with as money. The difference might be key to explaining bitcoin's use to those that live paycheck to paycheck / keep balances on credit / whatever.


Crack, for the brain. I wish this had the montage from the show on it.


Can someone please pull the energy/capital costs associated with receiving everything we consume in individual cardboard boxes vs "going to the mall" or whatever people's stuff acquisition strategy was in the past? Seems like a prime target for some FUD energy journalism.

Seems like there has to be more packaging waste in the Amazon model, I wonder on shipping efficiencies.

Armchair speculators: do you think that malls were more efficient than our individually wrapped state of affairs?

Appreciated this programmer point of view on bitcoin development. It's a long read, but covers a lot of cypherpunk/FOSS evolution that plays into bitcoin.

"What's Really Driving the Cryptocurrency Phenomenon?"


Here's an interview with Alex Mashinsky from Celsius Network where they aim to pay interest on crypto deposits. I'm happy to see services like this come to the space, but what will it take for us to trust them?


Winds of Change: The Case for New Digital Currency - Christine Lagarde

I have never read such a pro CBDC piece out of the IMF.


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