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I'm trying very hard to follow all of you but my notifications are insane with the flood of new users

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Mastodon Mondays

I will post exclusively on Mastodon on Mondays. I encourage all of you to consider doing the same to help grow the community.

:bitcoin: :bull:

Upgrade your opsec and prevent search engines e.g. Google listing your posts by ticking this box in your Mastodon preferences.

Cyberpunk 2077 is an alt history story about a timeline where bitcoin was never invented

All users that are new to Mastodon, don't forget to read this:

DMs are not private

Can we use mastodon to coordinate and launch Viking raids across Twitter. Just spitballing here

Ideal software stack:

Savings ➡️ Bitcoin
Payments ➡️ Lightning Network
Fiat Conversion ➡️ @bisq_network
Chatting ➡️ @KeybaseIO
Email ➡️ Self-hosted
ISP ➡️ ask @wiz
Smartphone ➡️ ask @matt_odell
Podcast ➡️ @sphinx_chat
Social Network ➡️ @BitcoinHackers
Trolling ➡️ Twitter

I just read that Tusky for Android has blocked people from the Gab instance. I may have to retract my recommendation if this is true.

The censorship wars are upon us.


Time to step the fuck up.

The only thing found from the boating accident. A 3D printed coldcard case. Missing the coldcard. Always happens during bull runs @btc

If you're an Android user, I recommend using Tusky since it most resembles the Twitter mobile app. It feels the most polished as well

"Concentration of power in Big Tech is dangerous: we should criticize it, weaken it, boycott it, compete with it" <- REASONABLE

"Let's put the most dangerous case of concentration of power in human history, the USG, in charge of controlling Big Tech" <- RETARDED

Coinbase is not a Bitcoin company. Coinbase is a gambling company.

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