I never thought it would come to this but it's getting increasingly difficult to have rational conversations with my usually open-minded normie friends about politics.

I might have to avoid certain topics altogether since the blue-pilled talking points are so grating

@btc It has gotten crazy. People are literally snitching on there friends and family.

@GorillaZ @btc that to me is the most insane thing, why the fuck would you snitch on a friend

@hermanskledar @btc
We literally are in a true lord of the flies situation. I am guessing history will look back on this like the salem witch trials.

@btc I feel the same way. Most of my normie friends (still in undergrad like me) have become basically insufferable when it comes to issues surrounding politics.

All possibility for rational discussion has been abandoned because most people are too afraid to stray from the group think. The part I struggle with most is the fact that it's actually impossible to blame some of them for this. If they said what they really feel, they'd be fucking done socially.

Quite sad, really.

@rohan the prospect of death, whether real or imagined, probably plays a huge part in why normally rational people have chosen to commit to certain positions where usually they'd be very open to dialogue

@btc I'm on such a different page politically to most people I know that I can literally feel the cringe spreading across my face when they bring up anything political. I really have to be in the right mood to tackle that BS, I often just try and divert the conversation elsewhere instead 🤷‍♂️

@YeOldeHodler what else can you really do, right? Smile and nod

@btc I've lost touch with friends and family members. It's very sad.

Trying to avoid having an argument bc a large percentage of what they believe is factually incorrect

Was shocked to hear some of their thoughts about the summer of love

@unspinthespin unfortunately there's been a normalization of "cutting off friends over political views". It's sad

@btc it's very sad and the campaign has been incredibly effective. My guess the media control combined with educational indoctrination created the perfect storm

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