Android Mastodon Clients Quick Review - Tusky vs Mastalab

Tusky (left) offers a more polished Material Design experience with better information density. It mirrors the default web client in terms of available features. Works "out of the box"

Mastalab (right) is a bit rough, but appears to offer more visibility into things like # of likes and boosts without having to leave the main feed. Also lots of granular settings, from loading optimization (toots per load etc) to notification LED color.

@btc is it just me or tusky fails to load too many times (especially when the app comes back on foreground from background)?

@pizzamarinara do you mean it completely fails to load or just doesn't refresh the feed?

@btc page is empty and the loading icon stays forever (with forever > 10 secs)

@pizzamarinara oh man, sorry. For some reason I thought you were talking about the alternate web client. Yeah that hasn't happened to me with Tusky yet. Are you running stock Android or an OEM skin?

@btc running nova launcher on Samsung S8 phone, not sure if that's the problem

@btc Why need an app? You can use the chrome "add to homescreen" and it works like an app!

@noinput obviously because of the dopamine release that can only come from social media push notifications

@btc You can get notifications from it, push notifications work in the background

@noinput well that's pretty awesome. I'm still a native app guy, but if I notice any crazy battery drain from these apps, I'm glad there's a fallback

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