Uh guys, did anyone read @nvk's terms for this instance before blindly jumping in?

@nepalbitcoin @nvk looks like he just posted them. It's the general one from, but also:

@badger @nvk I actually just pasted in the PATRIOT ACT when it was blank, lol

@btc @nvk
That means we're all agents now!
We don't need no stinkin badges!

@btc @nvk if you run your own node then there is no ToS to agree to 😅

@btc @nvk at-btc no, congratulations on @btc though, it looks like a fairly standard clause.
p,s. there is no U.S.A. unless you believe 140 million people have met and agreed on a set of principles and practices going forward.
p.p.s. this isn't the U.S.A.

@beforethecut @nvk hahah, I would go ahead and google the first few words of the clause

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