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Finally releasing the first episode of my animated series exploring common Bitcoin topics from an approachable (and maximalist 😉) POV.

I've just cut this excerpt from my video "Synchronizing block headers" and made it the 'feature content' of my YT channel. I hope it intrigues newcomers and nocoiners alike and encourages them to do some research... and learn what bitcoin is!

This is powerful stuff. It should be milked 24/7 !!!

If you guys want to use a VPN for free, feel free to use this service I'm hosting out-of-pocket. There are 3 servers, one in New York, Germany, and India. All of this is completely free and registration is anonymous.

Download and install OpenVPN and then import the OpenVPN config my site (below) generates.


I've been doing this thing since literally the first day (in July) and the old patterns are starting to change (due to an increase in liquidity). Some days there are panic-CoinJoin bull-runs (8 in 10 minutes) and then you've got nothing but crickets for three days.

Today I've Coinjoined once at 18 and twice at 20 peers 🤓

but looking good... people boarding from all over the world means that CoinJoins are starting to get more frequent... or at least more homogeneous in time distribution

@livestradamus we just gotta wait it out. S&D getting banned for the navy seal copypasta with no recourse was an eye opener.

in the meantime, this instance is like bitcoin twitter among friends.

We've pushed update 0.98.87 - This one will definitely ruffle feathers, but we hope you understand. Read why we decided to remove all fiat currency from Samourai Wallet in our latest blog post. Plus Samourai now available in Chinese and 11 other languages

Man... Producing these videos is bloody hard work! Almost finished the third.

Already working on the fourth.

Gee, I haven't check here in days, ~2.5K ppl. Neat.

Well guys. It's happening! I'm making some crappy educational videos for absolute newbs about how to install Linux, bitcoin core, wallets and whatnot...

I've created a new Google-YT account where I intend to dump all this shit which I'm counting on you to shill the F out of it it when it's done.

I've enjoyed the gender quiz I've just been given... 😂 🤣 😆

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