Coinbase is not a Bitcoin company. Coinbase is a gambling company.

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No surprise Coinbase is in the chain analysis game and actively looking to sell your information to the IRS and DEA.

This company needs to die.

This is just the announcement thread btw. The actual AMA thread will be stickied when the AMA happens

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RT @signalapp
Blur Tools for Signal: A new way we hope to make Signal more helpful for everyone on the street right now.

Imagine if people put all these energy against the real culprit; central banking.

Dumb protest: looting and destroying property of innocent people
Smart protest: using bitcoin to circumvent the criminal system of inflation and oppression

Might as well toot out some of my recent episodes - check out this one on Bitcoin coin selection with Murch

I no longer follow escort account on here ," trust me "       __
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     |  _  _ l
     /` ミ_xノ
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Mastodon now has a feature to let you transition over your account from one instance to another, and carry your followers along with you. Pretty useful. See in account settings

From Twitter 

I would contribute to a bounty for a @[email protected] of sorts but built w/ proper Privacy and Security in the @[email protected] business model without a ShitToken™

In the Discourse model the software is FOSS, but the maintainers/creators could monetize it by offering a hosted version

Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

Guess we're slowly making the transition again?

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