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Finally releasing the first episode of my animated series exploring common Bitcoin topics from an approachable (and maximalist 😉) POV.

If you guys want to use a VPN for free, feel free to use this service I'm hosting out-of-pocket. There are 3 servers, one in New York, Germany, and India. All of this is completely free and registration is anonymous.

Download and install OpenVPN and then import the OpenVPN config my site (below) generates.

@livestradamus we just gotta wait it out. S&D getting banned for the navy seal copypasta with no recourse was an eye opener.

in the meantime, this instance is like bitcoin twitter among friends.

We've pushed update 0.98.87 - This one will definitely ruffle feathers, but we hope you understand. Read why we decided to remove all fiat currency from Samourai Wallet in our latest blog post. Plus Samourai now available in Chinese and 11 other languages

Gee, I haven't check here in days, ~2.5K ppl. Neat.

RT @[email protected]
Here is how our #LightningNetwork enabled Self Order Point looks like.
First of its kind, of course running on Bitcoin #mainnet, powered by LND @lightning @Blockstream! Visit
Thanks for building this with me, @puzzleitc @jamok_sarita @tphilipona @gcomxx


Another good one.

I slightly differ from the usual perspective on this though: I think the intrinsic vs subjective (= there is no "intrinsic") value point is a bit muddy, I don't think that distinction gets to the point here. The question is whether a non-monetary value needs to exist first (the regression theorem) to bootstrap the monetary value. Debatable, probably not, but I liked Satoshi's analogy of "a colourless metal that can be transferred over a telephone wire".

New vid! This one's on Bitcoin and the idea of intrinsic value.

I still hear people talking about it, so I thought it would make for a good video topic.

Cold Card Photo Shoot for
"Better Homes & Gardens" (and Cold Cards) -
Notice the color coordination between matching the green battery case to the specific shade of green in the LED. The long white cable complements the white screen display and numeric keypad, while keeping length to a minimum, reducing antenna effect.
Elegant and really cold when loaded w/ the micro sdram for signing transactions offline.

What do you think about the video

Discussion / face off with
1. Jimmy vs Roger 2. Tone vs Roger

Panel Discussion between - Ivan, Michael, Omar, Kenn, Tone And Jimmy,... With Leah.

My Twitter account is limited to sending DMs to followers for the next 12 hours due to a joke tweet that "violated" Twitter rules that I sent to ReptarLives.

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