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Fast food restaurants frequently use Columbus Ohio to test out new products because the demographics of the city closely resemble those of the country as a whole

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Just ordered the light phone.

2020 was for bitcoinmaxxing

2021 will be fedimaxxing and einkmaxxing

Search hoogle with fzf. Yeah its awesome and way faster than using hoogle-the-website

TIL gwern time stamps his archives on the bitcoin blockchain


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“Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts” - Richard Feynman

“I think we live in an unscientific age in which almost all the buffeting of communications and television-words, books, and so on-are unscientific. As a result, there is a considerable amount of intellectual tyranny in the name of science.” - Richard Feynman


“If you don’t follow the experts you are anti-Science and ignorant” -M5M

“That’s dangerous because I (an expert) represent the science” - Fauci

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Upton Sinclair wrote The Fasting Cure over 100 years ago. Free on Gutenburg.
A short read. Upton says that a proper fast should only be done to fix something mental or physical and then no fasting unless you are trying to fix something. I lost 35 lbs in 2 weeks before my hanger not hunger got to me. Weight came back in 2 months because incomplete fast. Will restart. On the water fast you can drink what you like. Half of the book is letters from his readers.

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Looking for an opportunity to NixInfect 💉 your company?

docker build -f default.nix .

A #BuildKit maintainer is experimenting to build Nix derivations with #BuildKit, a famous container build tool.

#nixos #nix #docker

Everyone’s concerned about federated social social networks. We should really be talking about federated energy

Adding solar panels to my 2022 todo list

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Honestly federated was the natural state of the world for most of history. Centralized control was only possible as technologies developed to enable mature economies of scale. So federated systems are way more Lindy than centralized systems.

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Although a thought crossed my mind that activitypub would be a good candidate for an ii-like interface

Just cat to a file to make a post. Why make it more complicated than that?

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After thinking about this I don’t think it makes much sense. ActivityPub is more like a conversation, Gemini is more like a publication. I would just cross post a link back to the gemini post instead of posting full text of the gemlog into activitypub

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Can a Gemini gemlog publish an activity pub feed? Does that make sense?

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i just discovered weechat merged buffers

game changer

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