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In extremes we evolve, in normality we maintain

carpenters sharpen their tools everyday, or maybe every few days

how often do software engineers work on improving their personal set of tools?

b4 is a tool for processing patches

someday i will start a company that only uses a patch-over-email workflow

someday soon

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Three weeks of isometric chest press on the ARX Alpha. It doesn't seem like a lot of weight, but I do these at the end of a regular Big 3 workout, so I'm already gassed. Love seeing the progress in charts like this

Reading the Amazon shareholder letters. Two major themes: improving customer experience, and lowering costs.

So why is Bezos stepping down now? Because costs can't go any lower. The USD is inflating too fast.

The exact watch I'm wearing now I bought in 2017 for $26.81. It is now listed for $35.62. I know this bc my order history is on Amazon.

How does a simple watch get *more expensive* over time?

Bezos knows AMZN can't reduce prices denominated in USD. We are tapped out. What's next?

is it just me or has twitter gotten stupider in the last ~3 months

my commit-test-ship time is <7 minutes, i think that's pretty good for a large project

People talking about $GME being a win for decentralization don't get the full picture. Reddit, Robinhood, Twitter, none of this is even decentralized, it just gives a little bit of power to the people.

When real decentralization hits, the world will flip upside down. Everyone on here knows this. Just a matter of time...

need to make more moeny so i can buy more btc

what do?

Submarine.aiff overlays nicely with the jazz music I'm listening to, heh

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how i get audio notifications when long-running jobs complete via

attempting to package writefreely via my phone lol

dual tasking: watching football and getting shit done

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This is serious. Please boost and answer. Thanks

Covid-19 vaccination passports are on their way. If and when they are made mandatory. Will you take the vaccine.


#covid #vaccine #vaccination #forcedvaccination

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