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RT @Bank_Security
Threat Actors are selling the Database allegedly related to the hardware wallet provider @Trezor.

The breach allegedly occurred in May 2020 stealing over 600,000 emails.

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is a 100% efficient vaccine against bullshit.

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Do you want to click? 

Nothing to see here, just trying out this feature.
sorry :)

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Mastodon isn't just for text, toots can include multimedia files too.

βœ… You can attach a media file to a Mastodon post by clicking πŸ“Ž. Video and audio can be any length, as long as the file is under 40 megabytes. Images have to be under 8 megabytes each, but you can attach four of them.

Note the lack of a length limit for video and audio. (In theory you could attach a feature length film, though at 40 megabytes its quality would be unwatchable πŸ˜€ )

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #Video #Audio

Everyday I like a little bit more @protonmail
Awesome service, glad to pay for it

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If you're using Mastodon on a computer, did you know you can control it entirely through your keyboard?

βœ… Press "?" to see the complete list of keyboard shortcuts on Mastodon

(You can also bring this up by clicking on "Hotkeys" in the bottom left corner.)

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #KeyboardShortcuts

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I really want to "import" my twitter feed here. Does anyone know a way to do that?

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- Mastodon is a federated and open version of twitter. You can use choose between multiple different competing public and private servers called instances. You can also run and use your own instance which is best practice from a trust perspective. Users can interact and 'follow' across instances.

- DMs are not encrypted so instance admins can read them.

- The bitcoinhackers instance is run by @nvk who we trust to keep it up, protect our privacy, and to not censor us.

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At first, most users would run network nodes, but as the network grows beyond a certain point, it would be left more and more to specialists with server farms of specialized hardware. A server farm would only need to have one node on the network and the rest of the LAN connects with that one node.

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