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Who loves history but hates reading about it.

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On liberty I'm short-term bearish but long-term bullish. The human spirit has an intrinsic propensity for freedom. The future is decentralised and the new decentralised governance systems are being worked on. It's either that or totalitarian state slavery. We'll win this war!

Authoritarianism is a product of fiat money.

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Twitter permanently banned the founder and editor-in-chief of the Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft, on Saturday for violating the platform's "civic integrity policy."

Powered-By Community News Site:

This link is news about the dirty CCP virus. Btw, posting anything from this site to Twitter will get you a 12 hour account ban followed by a commie-style re-education workflow to repent before they will re-instate your account.

If you are still posting on Twitter for anything other than to educate normies, you’re doing it wrong.

Not free as in freebie. Free as in freedom.

People that think they know what is happening in the world by following news, really don’t. All they see is a narrative among narratives.
We are in the dark and although the current generation of “big tech” provided a stepping stone, they ultimately cannot fix it because they are built upon the old world institutions that failed us.
The free internet is being built upon free money.

People that upload stuff to YouTube should simultaneously upload to somewhere like peertube.

The uptake of decentralized alternatives has to be organic, I get it, but damnit can we just make it go a little faster

Nobody has time to evaluate everything so they go with mob consensus. This human shortcoming is how governments gain power over their populations. Decentralization is the antidote. Decentralize all the things.

That said, it was also wrong of the statist politician Trump to label antifa as terrorists. It’s the most blatant foray into Totalitarianism.

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That politician AOC keeps tweeting about how she was running for her life from bombs set by Trump supporters in the capitol. What a lying communist bitch she is — trying to label Americans as terrorists so she can throw them in jail and torture them like America already does with foreigners in Guantanamo

Chris Beams @cbeams
Replying to @cbeams
- HTTP-native micropayments on @ghost using @lightning
LSATs, 402 Payment Required &

@BTCPayServer for @ghost memberships as an alternative to Stripe
- Sat-backed Medium-style "claps" on

- Podcasting 2.0, pay-per-play with LN,
@sphinx_chat, etc.

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If he wants to accomplish what he wants to accomplish, Elon Musk has ,*no choice* but to hold more Bitcoin.

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"The darkness of the old world that has yet to be enlightened became tyrannical. Now, the imagination of computer science calls us all to align ourselves with incentives coded inside our own DNA and restore the balance of human nature."
Time for true Evolution in all dimensions.
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“While the hierarchy of institutions divides human nature, breaking apart the value of individuality and the collective, decentralization …

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