@Andrew_B Does the media’s fear mongering have less reach there? Was thinking might be because Asian cultures are a little less sheepish towards authority.

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Doctors used to recommend cigarettes, even after thousands of studies pointed at adverse long term health effects. But we are expected to listen to them....they are just as dumb now as back then. Most doctors know nothing but what they were told in school.

Anybody notice the huge increase in ambulance sirens in every city across the US since last year? I used to think it was for covid emergencies but now I’m pretty sure it’s a psy-op.

@Tulipan81 broken link? Also, posting Google links is like handing out malware-infested software.

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@bryancyan what she can try is to shape an synchronized unconnected unobserved sub hive ( like China tried ) in which all want the same, then anything should materialize instantly,

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@bryancyan she can create her own universe, if she grasp quantum mechanics and how Grover algo applied to any form of quantum states ( not only to silicon, photonic or even biochem or software in general ) can shape time and by that gravity.
I guess trees and fungi had figured that out before us, humans are just there gardeners,
and are from an information perspective irrelevant.

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If the Mystics are right and the highest form of intelligence is nondual nothingness,
there won't be any motivation for action. Just being.

But we don't know what we don't now🤷‍♂️

@slimhodl @gladstein Bitcoin does more for human rights than human rights activists.

Urban dictionary is a bunch of cucks because of course they are

When pushed on the subject, statists desire mass murder. That’s the reason they can’t meme, because it brings out truth.

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Globalists distract us with class warfare and crisis theatre to destabilize economies and lay the carnage at the feet of .

They hope to cement a forever-monopoly on money printing while we enjoy the confines of a new kind of transnational progressive .

You know the vaccine is a scam because they are telling people that caught the virus that they need the vaccine because immunity only lasts for 3 months yet don’t say the same about the vaccine.

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