Tell me all the ways an artificial super intelligence might be motivated.

@bryancyan she can create her own universe, if she grasp quantum mechanics and how Grover algo applied to any form of quantum states ( not only to silicon, photonic or even biochem or software in general ) can shape time and by that gravity.
I guess trees and fungi had figured that out before us, humans are just there gardeners,
and are from an information perspective irrelevant.

@bryancyan what she can try is to shape an synchronized unconnected unobserved sub hive ( like China tried ) in which all want the same, then anything should materialize instantly,


@dflate What do you mean China tried?

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@bryancyan I see China in a TAO wisdom tradition since they begun to exist as the great middle land.
There meritocracy and hive mind is for me kind of an greater subconsciousness, that see the individual just as a so to say quantum *state* that serves only a higher or the hives general prosperity wishes purpose.
My assumption is, that even elites and average ppl begun on the individual level aware of this powerful forces and like that more than to live there individualism at any cost.πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

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