Michael Saylor’s big shmeal is that you never have to sell bitcoin and just borrow against it.

This only works for corporations and the very wealthy with cash flows and access to 0.1% interest rates.

I appreciate the speculative attack on the dollar and it has to come from sources like @michael_saylor but the advice is just not relevant to the average person.

This also puts on display the inherent inequity of the dollar system with an elite class of cantillionaires versus an orders of magnitude larger slave class.

I agree, I don't see how I could use this advice.

I like what Preston Pysh is saying much more -- he's basically saying you'll be able to lend out your stack in a risk-free over-collaterized way for a good interest rate. I would like that :)

Borrowing against your stack will only work until fiat is around, and only for the big guys.

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