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I think I'd be super into a farming game that successfully removes capitalism. Your goal as a farmer is to build and maintain a food supply for a town, city, region, whatever. Townsfolk can make individual requests and will give you different seeds to cultivate and build up a seed library. You can stick to providing for a small town (Stardew Valley style) or start automating and serving more people as your farm's capacity grows.

Can we begin serious discussions of Bitcoin Citadels? Locations. Logistics. Asking for a like-minded friend.

Bitcoin community! Can I get BlueWallet app onto a Graphene phone?

We are all now riding Musk's rocket to the moon.

Each day I'm MINDBLOWN with the level of censorship and corruption in this country.
Big Tech: ban hammers you
Big Media: labels you domestic terrorist
Big Money: shuts down your trades
Government: shreds your dollar

Now, I lean towards being a Breedlove type Bitcoin maximalist. But in December of 2017, when I went down the crypto rabbit hole I bought a miner with six 1080ti GPUs. I mine ETH and convert to BTC. Stacking sats any way I can. Getting 263 mh/s.

@mattodell Which app store do you trust/suggest for Graphene OS users? Suggest a BTC wallet as well? Thanks in advance.

Successfully installed GrapheneOS on a Pixel4a using @mattodell YouTube tutorial. Used to put Ubuntu on a USB drive.

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