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You don’t have any weekend plans?

We’ve got you covered! 💪

These top 10 will help inform you about everything in .


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Love every episode - and especially series - of @breedlove22 's "What is Money" podcast, but The Twilight of Gold w/ Lester @ProgrammableTx is extraordinary. Ep 3 (WiM137) is life changing. Listen to the end. youtube.com/watch?v=22jetW3dVw

The temptation to print money is so overwhelming for human beings that we have created an entire pseudoscience called “Keynesian economics” to justify it. is rehab for humanity.

With a central bank installed, the business of government can never take an L, because it can always paper over its losses by printing money. Every other business in the world must be profitable to survive. fixes this by letting unprofitable governments fail.

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"Before you know it, bread and milk are gonna be thousands of dollars and the dollars are not going to make sense anymore" - @breedlove22


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@breedlove22 is the only persons YouTube video I don’t skip over the sponsorship / ads lmao

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"If the digital age has proven anything to us, it is that the exponential change it has brought about is so holistically unfathomable how fast it can be. And it is only getting faster." - @breedlove22

If you want a good laugh, read this guy’s responses as he tries to justify theft and coercion. The funniest part is he claims not to be a socialist! 🥴
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@breedlove22 Wrong. If you're starving, and I have food, I have an obligation to give it to you, and you have a right to (non-violently) take it from me even if I don't willingly give it over.

It’s all fitness, and is best fit to serve as money:

“A cup isn't graspable until something capable of grasping it enters the room. So if graspability isn’t a quality of the cup or hand, then the cup and hand must be qualities of graspability.”


will prove to be history’s ultimate example of the old adage “when you can’t beat them, join them.”

Government exists to enforce law. Law exists to resolve disputes over and enforce rights to private property. is self-enforcing property that will continually reduce the relevance of government-legislated law over time.

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“You are stealing peoples life energy, whether you are perpetuating actual violence or you are just confiscating their purchasing power” 🔥


Central banks are politicized organizations that proclaim “independence.” By being truly independent, fixes this.

Interesting new angle on ’s potential as the moral equivalent of war…
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Hardwar = zero-trust access to mass-based territory using kinetic power.

Softwar = zero-trust access to digital territory using electric power.

represents the discovery of softwar & the 1st policy dispute it's settling is monetary policy...

“It has been said by some physicians, that life is a forced state. The same may be said of freedom. It requires efforts, it presupposes mental and moral qualities of a high order to be generally diffused in the society where it exists.” John C. Calhoun, Jan. 31, 1816

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A spiritual dimension to bitcoiners manifest in a special event at the close of @TheBitcoinConf 🙏 @jordanbpeterson @breedlove22 @johnkvallis

bitcoinmagazine.com/culture/dr @bitcoinmagazine

"Human action is one of the agencies bringing about change. It is an element of cosmic activity and becoming. Therefore it is a legitimate object of scientific investigation."—Mises

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