Pacific Conference shaping up to be a biggggg event, use discount code BREEDLOVE for tickets
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We will be joined by @saylor, @LynAldenContact, @FossGregfoss, @breedlove22, @PrestonPysh, and more!

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“This Is How We Build A Strong Society”

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Entire video here 👇🏼

Plot twist: primitive foods are the most biologically sophisticated foods you can eat.

We are all residents of a global fiat ghetto.

Another reminder to checkout episode WiM211 that was banned from YouTube "to keep the YouTube community protected." 😂

Here is the screenshot of YouTube's response to our question of "what exactly in this episode was a violation?"

& here is episode link:

Above All, Freedom.
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This picture of chopped hair hoisted as a flag will be the photograph of this century.

In our latest episode, @JasonPLowery joins me again for an extension of our series together. This time, we explore how humans create abstract realities to self-organize and exert influence on physical reality, and how changes this game for good.

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Another must watch interview of @JasonPLowery by @breedlove22.

Great interview, fellas! 🔥🤝🔥

Power Projection and Human Imagination | The Jason Lowery Series | Episo... via @YouTube

Join me in Los Angeles for the Pacific  Conference Nov 10-11!

Today is last day for 30% off tickets. Go VIP for a private party Thursday night, preferred conference seating, and a Saturday chill-out party.

Use code BREEDLOVE for tickets here:

In our latest episode, Magatte Wade (@magattew) shares her riveting story leaving Senegal to become a successful entrepreneur with a passion for creating positive change in Africa. You will not want to miss her powerful message on the "why" of freedom!!

In the same way math is a universal, incorruptible language of logically consistent rules independent of political manipulation, so is .

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@LynAldenContact @LukeGromen @LawrenceLepard @Endorsen @SamTheEagle15 @PrestonPysh @FossGregfoss @JeffBooth In an effort to keep it clear about what’s going on here:

The worst thing you can do to any self-organizing system is to interrupt its internal communications network.

For the world economy, pricing is the internal communications network.

Central banking destroys the self-organization of the world economy by interrupting pricing.

“Why Should The US Embrace ?”—from my recent appearance on @AltcoinDailyio

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Man who profits directly from central bank currency counterfeiting is skeptical of money that cannot be counterfeited 😂

New episode drops tomorrow!
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I may or may not have recorded an impromptu episode with @breedlove22 where i rail on vitalik buterin & PoS for like 3 straight hours...

maximally insulates freely acting individuals from state interference. Collectively, this optimizes the free market’s capacity to satisfy human wants.

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