Always pay attention to the ratios to clarify your perceptions 👁
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״numerator and denominator”
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(“What is money” by @breedlove22 )

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A short preview for tomorrow's podcast.

I sat down with four experienced Bitcoin advocates to discuss the future of money.

Watch and listen tomorrow at 12pm EST on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

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Mandatory vaccines are a totalitarian transgression against your most personal property: your body.

is a vote against all violations of personal property.

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Massive protest today in Nice, France against the Macron government domestic vaccine pass.

As unseizable property, is a purely consensual relationship.


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@APompliano on @breedlove22 WIM034 worth every second. Last 30 min is crucial, do not miss.. 💯


Money is meant to hold market actors accountable. When central banks print money, they “paper over” accountability.

Fiat currency is self-deception at scale.

is the wisdom of money.

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With and other cryptocurrencies surging this week, host of the "What is Money" show, @breedlove22 shares advice for investors interested in the sector with our @DanielaCambone.

See the full interview! -

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Had a great 2-hour conversation today with @breedlove22 about the biology of bitcoin.

I'll let you know he releases the audio & video.

Meanwhile, you all should watch to his epic 9-part interview series with @michael_saylor here:

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"A leader is best when people barely knows he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." Lao Tzu on Satoshi and
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I am recording with author and evolutionary psychologist Geoffrey Miller (@primalpoly) today—let me know what questions you have for him!!
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I'll be doing an interview today with @breedlove22 for his 'What is money' podcast:

Will share the recording link in due course.

Political authority is premised on proceeds from stolen property.

Stored properly, is property that cannot be stolen.

In this way, is the beginning of the end for professional politicians.

Clearly I am bias, but the latest episode of The "What is Money?" Show w/ @APompliano is his best podcast appearance yet!

We discuss education, investing, memetics, knowledge, the nature of courage, , and much more.

Check it out and subscribe👇

Which I could say the same, I made the mistake of “getting high on my own supply.”

The stock-to-flow of my beef freezer is almost as low as the US dollar’s…
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The beef in my freezer outperformed gold YTD.

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If you want deeper insight into why inflation is such a problem to our survival as humanity, watch the full „What is Money show - The Booth Series“. Truly mind blowing 🚀
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