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The Saylor Series Episode 3 (of 9 and counting) @michael_saylor @breedlove22 transcript is 100% complete!

Episode 3 | Technology Themes through History — Harder, Smarter, Faster, Stronger


A question you can ponder on for years...
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“Money is the highest form of energy that human beings can channel”

Think about it. What is money? I encourage you to dig into the question and keep a malleable and open mind.

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Free market competition ruthlessly eliminates individual biases and unproductiveness by:

- Disseminating current exchange ratios (prices)
- Finding better ways to satisfy wants (innovations)
- Rewarding effective personal attributes (virtues)

Free markets are truth machines.

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So started watching the @michael_saylor and @breedlove22 series today, I recommend you do the same. Go watch it!! youtu.be/4rvTppy1qLI

Immutable money permanently unmutes the voice of the people.

is the ultimate money, not a "speculative trade."

"Taking profits" is impossible when closing a position in the hardest money in history.

Unless an action increases your stack of sats, it is unprofitable.

and cryptoasset universe in a nutshell, now in Portuguese!!
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Tradução para português de um dos threads mais interessantes que já li sobre

With permission from the author @breedlove22. Respect! 🙏

63 posts long...

Central bank Keynesianism is less believable than flat Earth theory.

This tweet will age like roadkill
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Breaking: I'm a NOCOINER again. Took a rather insane and fully undeserved profit on . Thanks Satoshi. It was fun while it lasted

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Thinking on sovereignty a lot recently and this was a really enjoyable listen for a top level view of the topic:


Thanks @breedlove22, @ck_SNARKs, and @PeterMcCormack

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"All through human history—since a million yrs ago to today—it's really the story of intelligent people looking around for, Where is the energy coming from? And how do I channel it in a network in order to achieve something harder, smarter, faster, stronger?"

- @michael_saylor

Deep freeze the fruits of your labor with to keep them fresh forever.

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The meaning of life is people helping people

As long as we adhere to the princables of the free market/libratarian principles in the world, we create heaven on earth. ~Breedlove
All I have is thank you for yet another game changer.

The aforementioned excerpt from @allenf32 reminds me of lyrics from the hit song Toxicity:

"Eating seeds as a pastime activity
The toxicity of our city, our city
You, what do you own the world?
How do you own disorder? Disorder"

Fiat is toxic money.


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"Imposing negative interest rates is strip-mining the capital stock. It is eating the seeds rather than planting them. It is utter insanity, but it is an insanity with no alternative if we can’t deleverage and yet we must consume."

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“I don’t understand how works”

They text you, from a magic device in their hand that responds to touch and sends messages over the air, of which they could never explain how even one part works

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Seeing the world through energy and information, instead of things made from them gives you certain advantages in a world that is rapidly changing.

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