"In a truly free market, there is no need to be concerned with the issue of the "correct" money supply growth rate, and no institution is required to regulate the supply of money." - Frank Shostak for @mises


Interested in building on Lightning? ⚡

We just put up new dev docs for LND and have more videos and tutorials coming soon!


did i make it into the bitcoinhackers ark before the doors were slammed shut?


"[Natural COVID-19 infection] gave better than 94 per cent protection against symptomatic Covid-19, matching the figures for the most effective Covid-19 vaccines."

Who would have thought that a natural infection is just as good at providing immunity than a vaccine designed to closely simulate a natural infection?

Amazing how many people have been trying to vigorously deny that herd immunity is a thing.

If the Knights Templar had Bitcoin back in the day, they wouldn't have had to work so hard digging and hiding treasure under Oak Island.

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