Three minutes of my life I can never get back. 😐

@Rejekts @bitcoinshirt @bottomshelfbtc I would claim the reverse. Paying tax is what prevent people from selling BTC. :P


The trick is getting enough people with enough variety of products that you create an enclosed economy. For example you only accept btc from your customers and find suppliers that accept btc. Otherwise you're spending fiat and can't really appreciate your profit. If you have an abundance of fiat that's fine, but not everybody can afford to keep spending fiat on a side project.

I'm not saying it's not unequal. I'm saying that people will try to use that against Bitcoin. But the truth is the early miners deserve more. They put in when it was basically nothing. They took a big risk and it paid off. Those who want that redistributed now don't understand property imo.

Sorry I don't understand what you're asking here. If you're looking for a technical explanation of my viewpoint I have no problem giving that, but rejecting the desire for "equality" as socialist/communist bs is kinda what it boils down to

@vortex joined me in Episode 28 to talk about his new channel, Programming with Bitcoin (w @NicolasDorier) and non-traditional education. https://bottomshelfbitcoin/28


@Rejekts @vortex

Tbh I don't watch much YouTube anymore, but it seems to me from the episodes I've watched, he is *always* upbeat and energetic. Cool guy.

I stopped following his Twitter a while back bc of his liberal/progressive stuff. That's why I separate my accounts. If you don't want to hear about Jesus or pro-life issues, just follow this account. If you don't mind the other stuff my personal account is a big mix of Bitcoin, Jesus, nursing, etc.

@bottomshelfbtc @lopp on the topic of SWATting - I've been happy using usglobalmail.com . Super low-tech web site and not cheap, but they're based in Houston for all you Texas bitcoiners and you can pickup your mail in person, have it scanned or remailed to your home.

Recommend it for expats too.

In Episode 27 Jameson @lopp joins me to talk about Casa, SWATting, OpSec and physical attacks on Bitcoiners. bottomshelfbitcoin.com/jameson

Episode 26 is up, with Dhruv Bansal of Unchained Capital on using Bitcoin for asset-backed lending.


@nic oh reeeeeaaaallly? πŸ€”

Cause I know a guy....

Morning mastodon fam. Any suggestions on a guest for explaining the difference between ECDSA and Schnorr and potential advantages/disadvantages of moving to Schnorr?

@Seth I'm not trying to help them, I'm looking to see who would be willing to pay for someone to facilitate exchanging these things. But I'm not a coder, so it won't happen by my hands πŸ˜†

@Seth we should start an exchange that swaps all these pointless tokens. If we can get someone willing to even swap $DOGE or something, we can get things moving over into real crypto-economy

@Seth that would make far more sense. I just never understood Minds. They present it like you can make a living on your social media content, but then you can't buy anything outside of their ecosystem with Minds tokens and can't exchange them for $USD. It's not even listed on Poloniex 🀣

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