Grab your scuba gear (or at least a big mug of coffee!) because in Episode 25, Adam Gibson (@waxwing ) is taking us on a deep dive into how UTXOs work and using that knowledge for advancing fungibility and privacy in Bitcoin.

@bottomshelfbtc I’ve been on the ketogenic diet for over a year...I just recently perfected (imo) my version of I do not waste any of my old coffee. I start by nuking my coffee to get super hot because I spin in blender for 10 sec poured on top of heavy whipping cream, mtc oil, & organic ghee w/ pink Himalayan salt. Blending is a must to reach perfection 👍

@bottomshelfbtc counterintuitive measures have been key. Fat based diet, who knew. @saifedean equated “fiat food” to “fiat money”. He eats only food with the highest store of nutrient value, I assume. Keto is like that, but bigger menu as he literally just eats steaks and bone broth (hard core)😎

@Rejekts @bottomshelfbtc

Pun? :) We didn't discuss bulletproofs really :) (apart from like 1 sentence).

If people want to study the tech behind it I did this writeup:

@waxwing @bottomshelfbtc I’m not that clever🙂 bulletproof is more like physical coinjoin. Blending 4 inputs to one inseparable output😆

@Rejekts @bottomshelfbtc

Ah right. The liquid thing.
Yeah it's pretty much the same as the gold thing .. it would be true if the 2 liquids were the same, like pure water e.g. .. but not with water, coffee, milk etc :)

Heard @nic on a podcast today saying money shouldn't have memory, be fungible like gold ... good example of the misunderstanding I think people have; *intrinsically* the fungibility's there, just hard to use it correctly.

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