Some news from twitter 😘

"If you think proof-of-stake is a good idea, it means you never understood proof-of-work in the first place." ― @waxwing

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@bitpaint @waxwing it's curious that he thinks the two things are somehow comparable. As if you choose between them ...?


ugh, I just noticed why this toot wasn't shown to me - you used my bitcoinhackers account, which I haven't used in like 2 years! please delete that reference if possible.Perhaps I should log in to that account again. Downside of federation is this stuff can be tricky.

@waxwing @bitpaint Couldn't you transfer followers across the Fedi verse?

@Ben @bitpaint i remember investigating at the time, and found i was able to copy my *follows* across but i recall at the time (maybe i'm wrong) that it wasn't possible for the followers to automatically cross over on mastodon. So I just flagged with my top post on there that I was moving, you can still see that post at the top of that account.

Has it changed since 2018? I can imagine that being tricky software wise.

@waxwing @bitpaint Mastodon has an account migration option, where all your followers will then follow your new account. Your old account will be disabled though, you can't use it anymore.
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