🇨🇭Morges - Switzerland🇨🇭

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@fractalEncrypt is looking for some plebs to help bring his Bitcoin Full Node Sculpture to the Interwebs.

Anyone with skillz willing to help a Brother Bitcoiner out?


Some news from twitter 😘

"If you think proof-of-stake is a good idea, it means you never understood proof-of-work in the first place." ― @waxwing

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Some stats from my Bitcoin VR worlds - January 2020🎉

☃️ Spooky campfire: 35'859 visitors - 1159 Fav
🎃 Winter Campfire: 20'215 visitors - 312 Fav

Massive increase in numbers... that's really cool. 📈

Much more to come, soon™️

😋 If you enjoy my work, send love with Lightning tip.bitpaint.club (it's not about how much you send, it's about doing it. I don't need your sats tbh but i love to receive some encouragement...)

See you soon in VR! 😘

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I wrote a book on Bitcoin. You can read it online for free. You can also buy it. Or you can listen to it.


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