Is a blockchain a Directed Acyclic Graph? I thought blockchains were a more used implementation of Distributed Ledger Technology and Directed Acyclic Graph were another. A DAG fan told me this-I think a Holochain fan or something.

Guys don't hate me for this but...
I tried out a EOS game out-not bad but the future lol
I had to pay like $5 to get a EOS account then get EOS to stake to make txs...

We are all CEO of the Lightning Network, except for Craig Wright. 🤣

Look out for my upcoming animated video series.


Active or interested in Lightning Network development?

Check out Lightning Makers, a small community of Bitcoiners building lapps!

I personally think CMC should do something like the stock exchanges do. Count the top 100 in the market cap and judge dominance on the top 100. It still not the best stats but way better than today CMC stats

@mattodell I agree, but I don’t like how so many people are now tied to the fate of BCH via Bitmain (currently top VC firms like Sequoia and eventually the general public if it IPOs). This is an alignment of incentives against Bitcoin and for BCH. This is my first impression 🤷🏼‍♂️

we at 51% guys!
Is it bad I want to market to bleed more to get rid of the trash?

For the record, BTC dominance on Coinmarketcap or elsewhere is a total joke. Thin order books, minimal volume, massively inflated ICO tokens with non-circulating supplies, the list goes on...

How shitty EOS is:
You need to own or rent 15000 EOS to make 1 transaction per minute under 10% network load. "Now I cannot afford to run my apps because of the cost of RAM.

yo @nvk where is bitcoinhackers hosted? In your own basement or cloud provider?

I am freaking waiting for a shitcoin to do an ico for funds to create a LN claiming it be use for liquidity. Raiden and Liquidity are the closet to my shit idea

Ok do you think it time to make a list of bitcoiners now? Or we still waiting for Nick Szabo and Saifedean Ammous to come over?
*and more-just those two names came to the top of my head first lol

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