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I need a vim personal trainer.

vimtutor doesn’t cut it.

4) The UX is ugly af.
5) Configuring and compiling everything yourself is tiresome, but rewarding.

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I recently switched from Mac to Linux. Thoughts so far, after two weeks:

1) Why didn't I do this before? This is fantastic!
2) Linux treats me like an adult. I don't have to seek permission from Apple to run a program.
3) Holy shit, tiling window managers are amazing.

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RT @yinonw
According to National Health Foundation data, Los Angeles county ICU occupancy baseline rate is 90%, rising to 98% in flu season.

How does it make any sense to close down businesses at 85% occupancy when 90% is the baseline?

This is the year of total madness.

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pro: they censor furries
con: they censor you

pro: they don't censor you
con: they don't censor furries

This rant brought to you by my random decision to check out GameStop in the mall.

It was a sad scene of man children in deep conversation about the latest Mario games.

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If you’re 30+ years old and you have enough time to be proficient at video games, what are you doing with your life? Seriously?

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Grown men shouldn’t play video games, unless they’re sending time with their children. There’s better things to do.

Now that I've de-Twitter'd my life, my next goal is to wean myself from Mac OS.

Today I bought a Thinkpad and will attempt to live the desktop Linux lifestyle.

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Safetyism is the one and only threat to our freedoms

Safetyism = the dogmatic pursuit of “safety first”

There is no other threat. No one ever traded freedom for anything but safety

We trade away:

- Our privacy, so the NSA can save us from terror

- Our freedom to live our lives, so that the health department can save us from disease.

- Our speech, so that we can be safe from scary ideas.

And so much more.

It’s a law of finance and nature. You can have no risk or high returns, not both

I just discovered the Librem 14 laptop. Wow, it looks amazing.

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We love memes in Bitcoin right?

Here's my first shitty meme. This is basically where we're at.

Perhaps it was Trump, or Biden, or Coronavirus, or the woke mindvirus. I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on the exact cause, but I feel like we’re at a tipping point and I fear it’s too late to turn around.

Those crazy enlightenment values that I endear — accomplishment, providing value, merit — seem to have been completely replaced by victimhood and tribalism.

Where did we go wrong and is there any turning back?

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Getting started on Mastodon after a long time lurking on Bitcoin Twitter under assorted nyms.

Given Twitter's penchant for censorship, I don't believe Bitcoiners can continue to use the service in good conscience.

The Bitcoin community is leading the way on sound money. As it captures supporters from all walks of life, it will soon lead the way on "sound" social networks.

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