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So who here has de-googled their phone? What are you using for maps? Do Google maps work okay in a browser?

Just logged out of Twitter on desktop and deleted the app from my phone.

This mastodon thing is still a bit alien but I'm off twitter for good.
Phasing out had commenced.

I've done it before from the Reddit cesspool and I can do it again for Twitter.
I have no other social media for "leisure".
Fuck it. We'll do it live!

If: CNN, Fox News, Google, Facebook, Twitter bluecheck, then: Lie.

Pour one out for our homies like @breedlove22 that stay on Twitter because honestly, they can have a positive impact on quite a few people. For plebs like me, I'm happy in my new safe space 😆

I’m going to publish a blog post about buying dips and being a good friend.

I think you’ll like it. Join now, if you want to be first to read it!

🔁And please boost this toot for awareness 🙏

Facebook Blocking Ron Paul Shows Tech Censorship is Not About Trump, It's About Suppressing Dissent

By blocking Ron Paul, Facebook is essentially saying that it is pro-war, pro-corruption, pro-police state, pro-Federal Reserve, and pro-cronyism in general.

I don't know about you all, but I am actually using birdsite A LOT less since everyone came here. I still check it every once in a while though. How can I finally get rid of it completely? Just tell myself I won't miss anything? I guess I certainly won't!

Can someone do the math on how much plastic has been used in disposable masks this year? I'm thinking we can use the mask carbon footprint to convince the greenies that the carbon used to make masks is will kill more people than if we let the virus run rampant. (This is obviously in insane argument and perspective, but I think they might buy it, so we can cancel masks).

Community update 1/12/2021: consolidating in the mid-30k's, hodlers being patient, memers getting antsy to start posting "floor is in" memes. Rekt idiots on birdsite are HavingFunStayingPoor. Please stay tuned for your future updates.

Fuck I just saw some bullshit on the global feed that I had to block immediately. How do I block that entire instance and others like it forever? To put it more directly: Is there a pedo filter? (I'm pretty sure it was CGI)

It's so nice to be on a platform where I'm not shadowbanned and algorithmically kept in a corner. I have over 2500 Twitter followers but get like zero engagement.

For the non-native English speakers out there: Just so we're all on the same page, toot does mean fart. Just FYI. 😂

Bitcoinhackers exclusive: This bull run is much more massive than many believe. Last cycle was 74 weeks from halving to top. 74 weeks from the 2020 halving is mid October 2021. We're currently on week 35 with 39 weeks to go. Now go back and look at the same time period last cycle: The 13 March 2017 candle. BIG and RED. Now draw a bar battern from that candle to the December top. Drag that pattern over the current cycle. Let it sink in.

If you want to hear more about the making of Mastodon and its maintainer (Eugen Rochko) I recommend this podcast. An unsung hero.

Um, @nvk did you hook up instance with something called ? Asking because my federated feed is full of some rather raunchy pictures 😂

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